Whiz Edibles Offers Gourmet Edibles At An Affordable Price

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A new edible company has popped up, and we can’t get enough of it. Whiz Edibles is a gourmet marijuana edible company that specializes in chocolate confections and cookies. If you’re yearning for edibles that are both delicious and strong, see why Whiz Edibles are what dreams are made of.

Whiz Edibles offers upscale edibles at an affordable price. The company was founded in 2019 in the marijuana capital of America, Los Angeles, CA. Their packaging is top quality and they use clean, natural ingredients to hand make every edible.

Whiz’s master chefs are inspired by tastes from all over the globe. They have taken flavors naturally found in different regions and managed to flawlessly mix them into unexpected flavors, such as Chestnut Chocolate BonBons and The Orange Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie 500mg.

Whiz Edibles offers something for everyone. If you’re more of a gummy lover, they offer Peach, watermelon, and strawberry Gummies available in 300mg. These sweet gummies have a sweet, refreshing taste and effects that last for hours. This potent edible contains a total of 100mg THC, with 10mg THC per serving.

If you’re more of a chocolate bar type of person, try the dark chocolate or milk chocolate bars available in 500mg or 1000mg. Rich, velvety chocolate combined with cannabis, what could be better?  We recommend eating 1 piece and waiting about 30-40 minutes to feel the full effects.

There are a variety of other products including The Caramel Chocolate BonBons,The Goat’s Milk Caramel 750mg THC,(which is absolutely delicious added into a milkshake or on top of ice cream), The Orange Double Chocolate Cookie, and much more! So whatever you’re looking for in an edible, we are sure you’ll find it with Whiz Edibles!

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