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How can I earn rewards for referring new customers?

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Here at Kushfly, we sincerely appreciate the love and support we get from our customers. We know that word-of-mouth is the best way to reach new people, that’s why we came up with two different ways to reward our loyal friends!

What is the Kushfly affiliate program? Our affiliate program makes it very simple for you to share Kushfly with your friends and earn discounts for both of you! This program is not only for Kushfly customers, but also for any cannabis-related platforms that get a lot of traffic and want to earn while helping us reach other audiences. You can click here to sign up and you will receive a unique link to share with friends and family directly or on social media platforms. You can also contact to request a custom coupon code for your buddies to enter at checkout. When someone places their first order, they’ll receive 10% off and you’ll have that 10% amount added into your affiliate account. Once your account commission total reaches $200, you’ll have the option to redeem it as store credit on or a cash transfer into your bank account. You can check your commissions on your dashboard here and also retrieve your URL and coupon codes, should you lose them.

What is the Kushfly referral program? The Kushfly referral program is just a little bit different than the affiliate program. This program is more geared towards actual Kushfly consumers who want to share direct personal referrals, but you could definitely post this code on your social media platforms for the public to use, as well. For the referral program, you may visit the Refer a Friend page while logged into your Kushfly account to get started. Simply fill out the form at the bottom with your contact’s email addresses or use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to generate a post complete with a link and coupon code for $10 off. This code is redeemable only on a customer’s first time order and must reach $50 or more. After their order is complete, you’ll receive $20 of store credit valid on any future Kushfly order that meets your area’s delivery minimum.

Is there a limit to how many rewards I can earn with the Affiliate Program or Referral Program? Absolutely not! Kushfly will continue to reward you for each person you bring into our family. Sharing is caring and this is just one of our ways of saying thank you. Keep spreading the love and we will continue do the same!

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