What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

What is Rick Simpson Oil and who is Rick Simpson?

Most people have heard of Rick Simpson Oil, but who is the man behind the infamous oil? Before the term ‘Rick Simpson Oil’ was made popular, Rick Simpson was working as an engineer in a Canadian hospital in 1997.


Four days after Simpson applied THC oil to cancer bumps on his skin, they disappeared.

The Story Of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson was working in a hospital’s boiler room, with little to no ventilation. One day, toxic fumes caused him to collapse and fall off the ladder he was standing on, which resulted in dizziness and constant ringing in his ears (tinnitus).

The doctors prescribed him medications but they were ineffective. When he asked to be able to use medical cannabis as a course of treatment, he was denied. Refusing to give up, Simpson began to grow his own cannabis plants in his backyard. This way, he was able to source cannabis and make concentrated extracts from the plant.


He began to use his own homemade extracts and saw a significant improvement in his tinnitus and other fall-related injuries. Although he was seeing significant improvements, his health problems didn’t end there.

In 2003, Simpson found three bumps on his arm, which turned out to be skin cancer. He had previously heard about a study done by the National Cancer Institute that stated THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice, so he decided to treat his skin cancer topically.

Four days later, the cancer bums had disappeared. From that day on, Simpson was a believer in the true healing powers and medical qualities in cannabis. He hoped to share his discovery with the world.

What makes Rick Simpson Oil Special?

RSO contains higher levels of THC than other oils. Other therapeutic cannabis oils tend to contain mostly cannabidiol (CBD) and little or no THC.


What can Rick Simpson Oil be used for?

While larger, long-term studies are needed to fully understand how different cannabinoids affect certain illnesses and pain, RSO is said to treat multiple sclerosis, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, depression and insomnia.


Where can I purchase Rick Simpson Oil?

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What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

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