What Is Hotboxing And Does It Get You Higher?

What Is Hotboxing And Does It Get You Higher?

Today’s cannabis word of the day is… drumroll please…hotboxing! This word is probably familiar to you if you’ve seen Cheech and Chong’s classic stoner movie. The duo light up a huge joint while cruising down the street in there car with the windows rolled up. A few minutes later, a thick cloud fills the air and leaves a tail of smoke behind it as Cheech and Chong drive away. While we don’t recommend driving while hotboxing, you can definitely learn a few things about hotboxing from this hilarious pair.

What Is Hotboxing And Does It Get You Higher?

What does hotboxing mean?

Hotboxing is the act of smoking weed in a small space, such as a car, and allowing the weed smoke to fill the air. A car isn’t the only spot you can hotbox, but it’s the most common because it’s an easy place to do it. You can also do it in small room, such as a bathroom, with the windows closed. The idea of hotboxing is to trap as much smoke as possible into a small space, so every time you inhale, cannabis smoke fills your lungs.

The exact definition of hotboxing according to Wikipedia is; ‘Hotboxing, smoking marijuana or hashish in a small enclosed area, causing it to fill with smoke in order to maximize the effect.’

How to hotbox (a bathroom, a car, or any room)

Hotboxing is very simple. All you need is a joint, a blunt, or a pipe, and a small space. Light up the weed and inhale. Smoke as you normally would, but don’t let any of the smoke escape the room. Make sure you have all the doors and windows closed. You can even put a towel on the floor by the doors to prevent any smoke from creeping out. Stay in the room as long as you can, allowing yourself to inhale as much smoke as possible.

What Is Hotboxing And Does It Get You Higher?

Does hotboxing get you higher?

Many people assume that hotboxing will make you higher. It makes sense, right? Sitting in a room that’s filled with marijuana smoke would make you more high than if you smoke in a room that’s NOT filled with smoke? In 2015, researchers at John Hopkins University put this theory to the test. They gathered two cannabis smokers to participate in a study. They gave them 10 joints to smoke over the course of an hour. One person was situated in a small room with no ventilation aka: a hotbox setting. The other was in a room with ventilation, allowing the smoke to escape. After an hour, they analyzed there results and found that  the smoker who was in the hotboxing room was not higher than the one who was in the normal room. They wrote, “Data from active smokers who participated in multiple sessions were analyzed together and are presented together because there levels of cannabinoid exposure did not significantly differ as a function of room ventilation.”

What Is Hotboxing And Does It Get You Higher?


Should you hotbox?

Now that we know that it doesn’t mean you will actually get higher, is it really worth it? That’s totally up to you! Some people like to do it for the aesthetic, others just think it’s more enjoyable. If you do decide to hotbox, just remember a few things:

  • Never hotbox while driving a car. It’s dangerous and can get you into serious legal trouble
  • Remember that wherever you hotbox will smell like weed for the next few days. It might not be a good idea to hotbox in the bathroom right before Thanksgiving dinner with family!
  • When hotboxing, the idea isn’t to pass out from overconsumption! If you find yourself getting dizzy or lightheaded, just crack a window or open a door.

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