What is Croptober?

While the rest of the USA wait for October for Halloween, stoners wait this month only to celebrate Croptober. Cannabis farmers wait until this season to harvest their flowers and boost the market with the best products, so the name Croptober is a word in the stoners’ dictionary.

Why does it have to be October?

Outdoor cannabis plants have only one season of growing and flowering. These plants rely on the Sun’s annual cycle. Hours of daylight get shorter in the fall, and the plants switch to producing flowers from the growing phase. Croptober doesn’t matter that much for indoor growers because the indoor growing process can be manipulated as the grower wishes which means the climate is in the growers’ hands, whereas outdoor growers pray to mother nature for their yield to be how they desire. They also put effort into the timing to catch the perfect harvest time.

Why does Croptober worth celebrating?

Every harvest of fresh weed is worth celebrating for stoners, but Croptober holds more importance than just fresh weed.

It balances the order of the cannabis market

Californian dispensaries tend to serve mostly indoor flowers that are cultivated by light manipulation. But regions of Northern California are ideal for outdoor cannabis cultivation as well. These various methods of cultivation provide balance for the market, and Croptober is the perfect embodiment of this balance.

Indoor operations can not keep up with the high demands of consumers. Croptober is one of the barriers that protect consumers from drought and high prices due to limited supply. Croptober also provides an income for the farmers as well as contributes to the economy.

It benefits consumers

Outdoor cannabis plants can be sold at a lower wholesale price which leads to a lower price tag on the packages as well. All of the outdoor cannabis sold on the market is properly lab tested for both potency and purity, and the packaging should have a harvest date printed on it as well. This application lets the consumer know that they are holding the yield of the natural farms’ successful Croptober.

To the consumers in the market for all-natural, soil & sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards by hard-working farmers, the end of the current year and the first few months of the new year are the best times to get a sample from these labored flowers.

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