What Is an Ash Catcher?

What Is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is a bong adapter. It filters smoke and reduces tar entering the water pipe’s main chamber. To accommodate an array of bongs, ash catchers come in several  sizes and styles. Keeping both your bong and smoke clean, ash catchers allow you to spend more time enjoying your cough-reduced smoke and less time cleaning.

What Does an Ash Catcher Do?

Ash catchers are the ideal bong or pipe accessory. They inhibit debris from entering your bong water. Having a glass ash catcher provides you full visibility of this process. 

How Do Ash Catchers Work?

Ash catchers work effortlessly with your bong. Just place the ash catcher bowl on top, allowing it to slide into the ash catcher.  Light up your weed, and enjoy your clean toke.

Do You Put Water in an Ash Catcher?

Water can be put in an ash catcher. However, you’ll only want to add in a small amount. Be sure you measure it to lay below your downstem. Adding too much water can allow unclean water to flow back into your pipe (or bong) or splashback.

90 Degree Ash Catchers

If you are looking for which degree angled ash catcher to use for your bong, here is a simple guide. Beaker bongs use 45° ash catchers. 90° ash catchers pair with a stemless bong. 

Ash Catcher Basics

Be sure your ash catcher is the same size as your bowl. Make sure you use the correct angle (45° or 90°) for your bong. You will need to measure the angle before you purchase so that it functions properly. 

Next, you’ll need to select the correct size for your bong’s joint: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. If your joint size is off, you can always get a joint converter. 14 mm ash catcher is a great joint size because you can add a  new percolation system while keeping your bong cleaner. 

You will need to determine your joint gender. Male joints will need a female, and vice versa. Lastly, make sure the weight of your ash catcher isn’t too heavy or too light to ensure balance. 

How to Clean an Ash Catcher

Your ash cleaner attachment can easily be removed for cleaning. All you need to do is pour 90% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt into your ash cleaner and shake vigorously. Let it sit until clean for any time within 24 hours before emptying the solution. Once emptied, rinse with warm water and it is ready for use. 

Do Ash Catchers Make Hits Smoother?

One of the great things about ash catchers is that they keep your pipe clean for a longer amount of time. Ash catchers also provide an additional filter. This allows you to experience a smoother hit than if you did not have one. If you are on the fence about adding an ash catcher, we say go for it. 


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