What Are Those Little Red Hairs On Weed?

close up marijuana green flower with little red hairs

On the surface, the marijuana plant might look simple; stem, bud, leaves, and flower. But when you start to really study it, you’ll soon realize that has quite a complex anatomy. If you’ve ever looked closely at cannabis, you have definitely noticed tiny red hairs on the weed. Just what are those little red hairs and what purpose do they serve?

green plant with snow in macro photography with little red hairs

What are the parts of the marijuana plant?

Let’s start by decoding all the parts of the cannabis plant:

  • Cola: Refers to a flower that develops at the end of a branch on the plant. It can also refer to the biggest bud that grows on the top of the main stem.
  • Bract: Green leaves with a teardrop shape and covered in resin glands.
  • Calyx: This is the cannabis bud that we are all most familiar with; the one that gets dried and smoked later on.
  • Trichomes: The crystal-looking tiny globes that cover the calyx. These contain THC, CBD, and terpenes.
  • Fan Leaves: Large leaves that play the main role in making edibles.
  • Nodes: The leaves extend out of the nodes, which are attached to the end of the skinny stems of the cannabis plant.

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What are the red hairs on weed?

All of this information has been pretty straightforward until now. But none of this information actually answers the question, what are the red hairs on weed? In order to understand what they are, we need to learn one more part of the cannabis plant; the pistil. The pistil is the female cannabis sex organ responsible for mating with the male plant.

The small red hairs on the pistils are called ‘stigmas’. Stigmas are responsible for collecting pollen from the male cannabis plants. When the pollen comes into contact with the stigmas, they become pollinated. When it’s harvest time, the hairs get darker and change from yellow to orange. Than they turn to a red color and, depending on the strain, they may finally turn brown.

When growing weed, you may think pollination is the main goal. However, once the plant is pollinated, it will develop seeds and switches it’s focus away from producing flowers, resulting in less potent weed. If you see a male cannabis plant in your crop you should remove it immediately to avoid contamination and possible pollination.

What Are Those Little Red Hairs On Weed?

Do the red hairs on weed get you high?

Contrary to popular belief, the stigmas are not responsible for producing a high. If your looking for a potent cannabis flower, you should be more focused on looking for one that’s covered in trichomes, not stigmas. As we mentioned above, the trichomes are the tiny globe-like crystals that cover the bud. These little crystals are bursting with THC and CBD and will deliver an amazing high. It’s not a bad thing to have a bud that’s covered in stigmas. After all, let’s be honest; they’re pretty cool to look at. We’re just saying they won’t get you super stoned.

Have you come across a cannabis bud that was covered in stigmas? Leave us a comment down below!

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