What Are The Best Sativa Strains?

Sativa strains offer some of the most sought-after effects in the world. For those looking to get a little boost of energy, try a sativa! Looking to increase your stamina during a workout? Grab a sativa! Or do you just need a little afternoon pick-me-up? A sativa flower is what you’re craving! Sativa flowers are great for any situation and are loved by so many due to their amazing effects.

Sativa plants grow tall and thin with narrow leaves. They are often a light shade of green, as compared to indica plants which are dark green and bushy. Sativa strains take a longer time to grow, mature, and require more light. They often contain a high THC count and low CBD count.

The major qualities of sativa strains include:

  • anti-anxiety
  • anti-depressant
  • treats chronic pain
  • increases focus and creativity
  • increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of learning, mood, sleep, anxiety and appetite)
  • ideal for day time use

What are the best sativa strains?

We’ve been on a mission to find the best sativa strains on the market today. After trying out different strains (it was a tough job – but someone had to do it) we’ve found the ones that are truly top quality. Here is our list of the best sativa strains!


Sour Tangie

What-Are-The-Best-Sativa-Strain?Sour Tangie by Cali Kush Co. is an uplifting greenhouse grown sativa strain. Enjoy energizing effects that will improve your mood and clear your mind of any unwanted stress. This strain gives off a sweet, diesel aroma that instantly tantalize your senses.









Arabian Gold


Arabian Gold is a heavy sativa strain that will leave you in a state of total relaxation and euphoria. This strain may leave you feeling foggy-headed and loose your train of thought. Enjoy sweet and earthy flavors with a scent that will delight your senses.








Pink Rozay


Pink Rozay is a greenhouse grown sativa cannabis strain. This flower has a distinct fruity aroma and is known for delivering a cheerful but strong head high with relaxed, mellow effects on the body.










Super G



Super G is a powerful sativa strain that delivers stimulating effects and an uplifting mental buzz. This flower has a pleasant aroma of skunk and pine. The effects are felt immediately after the first inhale, offering a satisfying high with mental clarity and keen focus.






Strawberry Stardust


Strawberry Stardust is a cannabis strain with a fruity, sweet scent and uplifting effects. This is a great choice for people prone to anxiety, as it has strong stress-relieving qualities. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing high when you choose Strawberry Stardust.







Mac 1


Mac 1 is a unique strain that is loved for its uplifting and energizing sativa effects. This beautiful flower is packed with a spicy, citrus scent and smooth, creamy flavors. It’s an ideal strain for smoking in the morning or afternoon, as it delivers a burst of energizing euphoria.







Sour Diesel

What-Are-The-Best-Sativa-StrainsSour Diesel is an invigorating sativa flower that’s named after it’s pungent diesel-like aroma. This fast acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that make it an extremely popular choice among cannabis lovers.








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