What are Beasters?

What Are Beasters?

Beasters are essentially cannabis buds. These particular buds are flavorful, high-quality, and mildly potent. The term “beasters”  or “BC Bud” (British Columbia Bud) derives from a Canadian background. The origin story of beasters aren’t very consistent. Some say beasters were grown in Canada while others say they were trafficked to Canada. These supposedly were trafficked as an economical variety of the gang-grown M-39 Asian strain. Either way, beasters or BC buds are continued to be loved by Canadians and cannabis users world-wide.


Why Are Beasters Popular?

Beasters grew in popularity thanks to their eye-catching appearance, high profitability, and fast turnaround schedule due to their rapid growing time. At first glance, beasters have a lovely shape with hardly any stems, crystal trichomes, and colorful tones of orange, purple, and green. They have a unique taste thanks to its sleepy and hunger-inducing indica properties and full terpenes. Because beasters are typically high quality and inexpensive to create, they have become highly profitable in the cannabis market. Beasters only take about 8-9 weeks to grow and notably are resistant to mold and pests ensuring a quick, seamless, and fruitful turn around time. They are an easy plant to grow with a favorable yield, however growers should be gentle to ensure a high quality result. 


What Are the Side Effects of Beasters?

Although Beasters are mildly potent, they do have a medium-high range of THC averaging about 20%. Regular users will do well, however new users (like with any marijuana substance) should start slow. Although side effects are unlikely – as with any cannabis product, beasters can lead to mild headaches or paranoia. The chances of side effects of using beasters however are lower as compared to other strains on the market today.


Beasters Today

Because beasters are enjoyed by growers due to its profitability, many home-grown and street sold beasters unfortunately started cutting corners to make an even higher profit. Licensed stores like Kushfly are a more trusted source for the most premium cannabis selections because they believe in only giving the best to customers. Thanks to dispensaries like Kushfly, beasters are continued to be enjoyed not only in Canada, but in other parts of the world as well. 


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