We’re Defining Common Weed Terms

Cannabis connoisseurs are always coming up with new and fun words to describe their favorite plant. We’re defining all the weed terms you may or may not have heard of, so you can improve your cannabis vocabulary!


The most common name for cannabis. The plant has been known to grow like a weed, hence the name.


The nugs are the part of the cannabis plant that people smoke. These are the flowering buds of the cannabis plant and contain high percentages of cannabanoids.


A synonym for ‘awesome, potent, great weed.’ A dank cannabis nug is a good thing.


Coming from Spanish origins, this term is another word for weed. Mexican slang used to call it ‘greefo’, which later became ‘reefer’.


This word is used to refer to the smokable parts of the cannabis plant.


This term refers to top shelf, premium cannabis.


The original Spanish name for cannabis.


Refers to cannabis and has roots in the Hindi word for hemp plants.


Refers to cannabis in its cured plant form, i.e. as opposed to an extract or an edible.




To take a hit simply means to inhale or consume cannabis. It can refer to inhaling flower or oil.

Session or Sesh

This term refers to a group of people coming together to consume cannabis. Ex: a smoke sesh.

Puff Puff Pass

One of the first rules of cannabis etiquette. The first rule of the smoking circle is to puff, puff, pass. Meaning you never take more tan 2 hits or the joint or bowl before you pass it along to the next person.


A slang term for blunt wraps. Wood is a Backwood, Dutch is a Dutch Master (also known as a Dutchie), and Swishers are common cigarillos found at most gas stations or convenience stores.


These are numeric indicators that an environment is cannabis friendly where you are likely to find fellow cannabis lovers.


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We're Defining Common Weed Terms

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