Weed Culture In Los Angeles

As Los Angeles adjusts to its new role as a destination for legalized marijuana, a growing number of customized excursions are being provided, paving the way for marijuana tourism in the region.

Los Angeles is a tourist hotspot. Apart from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the City of Angels offers movie set excursions, celebrity home tours, Hollywood sign tours, food tours, brewery tours, and virtually any other tour you can imagine. This extensive list now includes marijuana tours as well.

Marijuana tourism is a new industry for the city, and it follows a path laid out by Colorado, Washington, and Oregon years before recreational marijuana was legalized in California. Let’s take a look at what this new side of tourism includes as the state continues to navigate the realm of legal marijuana

In January 2018, recreational marijuana became legally available for purchase in California. Residents can now go to their neighborhood dispensary, which is already set up throughout the city due to the previously allowed medical use of marijuana. Anyone 21 or older can purchase up to an ounce of flowers each day, or eight grams of cannabis concentrates found in edibles such as chocolates, brownies, and beverages, under the new law. Residents and tourists has also the option of weed delivery in Los Angeles from reliable names like Kushfly. Kushfly also runs daily deals to make customers get the most value for their purchases. You can even refer a friend and get a discount.

Given LA’s tendency to make anything into a tourist attraction, it’s no surprise that legal marijuana excursions are available. Though marijuana tourism is still in its early stages (it was just recently legalized), there are a few companies that provide everything from pot buses to weed restaurants. There are even tours that go deeper into California’s newest booming industry’s growth. Finding something to do in Los Angeles while stoned or just a good spot to smoke weed is so easy now.

Legalized cannabis culture won’t stop growing and its border expanding over the U.S and the world.

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