Unplug and Open a Book

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something fun to do when you’re bored, and you might end up zoned out on the sofa, watching mindless shows playing on TV. Why not getting a bit more creative than that? Maybe something a little more intellectual… grab a blanket, roll a fat joint, and plant yourself somewhere comfy. There is nothing better than smoking a joint and curling up on the couch with a really good book. Reading is one of the most engaging things to do after a nice bowl.

For all you lovers of reading while stoned, here you go! Amazing, inspiring, entertaining, mind-expanding books to explore with your favorite cannabis products.


1)Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo

Well, it is better if you have time! Les Miserables is one of the longest novels in history. Victor Hugo frequently departs from the narrative in order to give lengthy dissertations on French history and society, human nature and civilization, and many other topics, including religion, prayer, poverty, crime, slang.


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2)The Ocean At The End of The Lane, by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has a gift for capturing the magic, mystery, and immensity of the world as seen through the eyes of children. This book, which is sort of like a fairy tale for grown-ups, tells the story of a man who pays a visit to the countryside where he grew up. A visit to his old neighbors stirs up long lost memories of supernatural events from his childhood.

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1)The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

Rumi is perhaps the most well-known poet and Sufi master to us in the West. In The Essential Rumi, Coleman Barks takes these classic 13th-century verses and reinterprets them in a way that is fresh, inspired, and accessible to us today. Drawing from the Qur’an, hadith (the recorded sayings of Muhammad, peace be upon him), and even gossip, stories, and scenes from the local bazaar, Rumi weaves together in his poems the essence of Sufi spirituality, and the perennial philosophy of mysticism.

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