Today’s Marijuana Market – The Hottest Products Of 2019!

Today's Marijuana Market - The Hottest Products Of 2019!

The blast in cannabis popularity has indicated a burst in cannabis products. From flower to gummies to drinks, the number of items in the 2019 marijuana market are, maybe endless, and certainly abundant. Certain products, however, seem to be more popular than others.

Here are the some fastest growing cannabis products shaping this year’s marijuana market:

Cannabis Beauty and Skin Care Products

The use of CBD turned out to become a nationwide phenomenon. And the market that these products are geared towards are not your typical cannabis consumers, but rather, younger middle class women. Because of this, the industry of CBD beauty products develops exponentially every year.

Additionally, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties due to cannabinoid receptors in the skin. A couple of analysts claim it may help fight skin discomfort. Beauty/skincare products with cannabinoids have been promoted as having the ability to aid with relief from pain, hydration, or even delivering a euphoric relaxed feeling.

CBD Gummies

Both THC and CBD-infused gummies are developing in notoriety, however, CBD gummies are the most popular cannabis item at the moment. CBD gummies are very popular to the point that they were the second most searched food term in the U.S. on Google in 2018 as per their yearly search statistics report. It arrived behind unicorn cake and romaine lettuce yet ahead of keto sandwiches and keto cheesecake.

Cannabis Beverages

Woah! You’re able to drink weed now. What a world.

Cannabis drinks are becoming more and more popular. Cocktails infused with cannabis are still in their earliest stages, relegated mostly to a few pubs in Los Angeles, yet should recreational marijuana usage continue becoming legalized in more states, it’s a trend that could grow quickly.

In Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, a few dispensaries  promote cannabis cola and fruit punch. Additionally, a lot of coffeehouses in New York sell cannabis-infused coffees, for relaxing any person who gets the jitters from a strong cup.


Surprisingly, vapes are more notable than flowers in California. Sales of vapes grew 69% before the end of the main quarter of 2018, making vapes the quickest growing THC cannabis product in California.

In addition to this, cannabis oil of numerous kinds is a blasting business industry. First quarter data suggests CBD vape earnings rose an amazing 105.5% driven by customers who are choosing cannabis oil over flower for a cleaner, progressively convenient experience.

The recent CBD blast is predicted to go into 2019, making a much larger recreational and medicinal vape showcase.

Virtually All Cannabis Items Spike In Notoriety

With regards to legal weed, the best question isn’t whether the market is prospering, but rather, which cannabis items are growing fastest.

Overall, the trend in the 2019 marijuana market is moving far from a flower and towards cleaner, progressively favorable, non-smokable types of ingestion.

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