The Ultimate Guide to Glass Pipes 2021

Why Glass Pipes?

Glass pipes are a cannabis accessory that is a clean, non-toxic way to smoke. They do not change the flavor or odor of your choice herb, nor do they emit any toxic fumes. Glass pipes do get hotter when you smoke them, but other than that they do not change (or vaporize) so they have a longer lifespan than other options. You can use them again and again, as long as you give them proper cleaning maintenance. Other materials such as metal, wood, or plastic do eventually taint the herb through transforming the aroma, taste, or possible fumes. So if you want to enjoy your carefully selected cannabis in its purest form, glass pipes are the way to go.

Which Glass Pipe is For You?


Chillums are small and convenient glass pipes. The practice of using chillums is believed to have originated in the 18th century, however it wasn’t introduced to the western world until the 1960s. All you need to do is fill it with your favorite flower and get ready to have a steadfast hit. 



A spoon is a simple glass pipe. The spoon has been used for decades and is an easy way to pack in your flowers and puff. Often referred to as smoking a “bowl”, our borosilicate glass pipes are perfect for any tokers who are up for a dry smoke, meaning there is no water-based diffusion of your smoke.



If you are looking for a smoother and better tasting smoke, you’ll want to try a bong. Bongs are different from chillums and spoons as they include a water chamber. The water cools the smoke and filters out heavy exhausts as the smoke bubbles through the chamber. Bongs can be used alone or even better, with friends.


Dab Rig

A dab rig uses the same water purification process as a bong, however they have the added touch of allowing vaporization of highly potent concentrates at higher temperatures. A dab rig replaces the bowl with a nail. A nail is the deep dish that slides down into the stem of your dab rig. It is what allows you to apply heat and is the same area where you place and vaporize concentrates. Once the chamber reaches the designated level of heat, the concentrate is dabbed and processed through water before being inhaled. Kushfly does offer dab rigs, so keep checking our stock to see if they are back!

Dab Rig

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The Ultimate Guide to Glass Pipes 2021

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