The Top Five Cannabis Strains for Memorial Day

Whether you’re heading out into the wilderness or hanging back in the city, you’re going to need the best cannabis strains for a fun Memorial Day weekend.

With so many choices, it’s challenging to find the perfect strain that checks all the boxes. From top-shelf quality to mind-blowing effects, read along and discover the top five cannabis strains for Memorial Day.

Raspberry Gelato

If you prefer the unbeaten path — there’s no better strain to buy than Raspberry Gelato.

Raspberry Gelato is an incredibly rare strain bred by Haute Genetics by crossing Acai Gelato and Raspberry Dosido. In other words, Raspberry Gelato features upscale genetics that is sure to please even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur.

Underneath the impeccable bag appeal, you’ll find layers of thick resin coverage that scream potency. From dank, fruity sweetness to undertones of hashish, your taste buds will be on overdrive.

The effects are instantaneous, and you’ll experience everything from mind-erasing euphoria to body-numbing relaxation. Don’t miss out on Raspberry Gelato this Memorial Day!

Sundae Driver

As the name implies — Sundae Driver is the ultimate day off strain.

Everyone knows Sundays are meant for sleeping, doing nothing, and indulging your sweet tooth in delicious cannabis. In other words, Sundae Driver is the perfect cannabis strain to pregame before the big day — Memorial Day.

Everything about Sundae Driver is top-shelf. You’ll find an avalanche of resin, ultra-sweet terpenes, and enough THC to make you forget what year it is.

If you’re ready to take your Memorial Day weekend game to the next level — try Sundae Driver before it’s too late!


The one, the only — Do-Si-Dos.

Do-Si-Dos is a legendary cannabis strain that spawned some of the most epic hybrids to date. However, none come as close as the original version of Do-Si-Dos.

Do-Si-Dos is the ultimate hybrid that will be the star of the show during Memorial Day — regardless of your plans. However, don’t go overboard with Do-Si-Dos, or your Memorial Day celebration may be spent in your dreams.

The Do-Si-Dos strain is packed with trichomes, which means two things: extreme THC content and enough terpenes to make your taste buds jump for joy.

If you’re ready to get stoned-to-the-bone and relish in every bite of food during your Memorial Day bash — Do-Si-Dos is the cannabis strain to have!

Italian Trufflez

Did someone say truffles? Italian Trufflez that is!

Italian Trufflez is a premier hybrid that’s filled with delicious flavors, mind-blowing aromas, and enough potency to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Italian Trufflez is perfect for all of your daytime activities during Memorial Day. From elevated energy to increased motivation — you’re about to have the best Memorial Day ever!

Lemon Cherry Gelato

When you need to pull out all the stops during Memorial Day — break out a bag of Lemon Cherry Gelato.

The lemon Cherry Gelato strain is loaded with unique qualities that you’ll never find anywhere else. From sweet-lemon-zest to dank berry undertones, you’ll be floored by the decadent qualities of Lemon Cherry Gelato.

Furthermore, Lemon Cherry Gelato is ultra-potent — clocking in over 28% THC! If you’re ready to kiss the sky and enjoy every moment this Memorial Day — Lemon Cherry Gelato is the one.

Where to Find Our Top Five Cannabis Strains for Memorial Day

Our top five strain list is loaded with exclusive cannabis strains that are challenging to find.

Luckily, Kushfly has your back! Head over to Kushfly to find each of these recommended strains — and then some. Don’t miss out on Kushfly’s Memorial Day Special — all weekend long!


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