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The Secret To Making A Good Weed Gummy

The Secret To Making A Good Weed Gummy

Almost everyone loves a chewy gummy, and when it’s infused with THC, it’s even harder to resist. But how are these delicious weed gummies made? We’re giving you the secret to making the perfect weed gummy.

Weed gummies look just like your favorite childhood candy, but with much different effects. It’s important not to over indulge in these gummies because doing so could result in nausea, headaches, and an overall uneasy feeling.

When making candy, there are a few different routes to take. If you’re going for a gummy or marshmallow, then you’ll want to cook sugar until it melts, and then add in gelatin. If you’re trying to make a chewy caramel, then you’ll omit the gelatin and instead add in some form of oil or fat, such as butter.

Here’s the catch. When making a weed infused edible, THC concentrate is always an oil. Cannabutter, hash oil, etc. Once you add too much oil to your candy, it will not separate properly. Then, your candy will turn out runny, tacky, or too wet. So how do we get that delicious chewy candy constancy? The secret is in a key process called ’emulsification.’

Emulsification is the process of mixing together two or more liquids that would normally be unblendable.

To get the familiar gummy texture we all know and love, the cannabis concentrate has to be emulsified with another ingredient while it’s being cooked. In most cases, it’s lecithin (usually soy or sunflower).

Without this process, the gummy is going to end up closer to a jello like consistency.

A good solution to this problem is by using cannabis infused coconut oil when making your weed gummy.

Infused coconut oil works well because it maintains a solid form at room temperature, lending to the solidity of your gummy candy.

So, next time you’re making your favorite weed gummies, be sure to use cannabis infused coconut oil to get the perfect gummy consistency!

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