The Differences Between Joints & Blunts

There’s a lot of cannabis terminology out there, and sometimes it can be confusing. Do you know what people mean when they talk about rolling a blunt or joint? While the two may be similar, there are several differences that you should keep in mind. So just what goes into making a blunt or joint? Find out!

It’s What’s On The Inside That Matters

When it comes to really being an expert on joints or blunts, you need to familiarize yourself with their inner workings. What exactly goes inside a blunt or joint? If you guessed weed, you’re definitely correct, but blunts are also rolled with cigar or cigarillo paper. This is one of the biggest differences between the two. Joints usually only contain pure cannabis, with a paper filter or crutch rolled in for stability and to avoid burnt fingers.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how joints are made, check out our blog to learn how to properly roll a joint.

The difference between joints and blunts

It’s In The Papers

Blunts and joints use different kinds of rolling papers to hold in the goods. Thanks to being wrapped in gutted cigarillos or cigar paper, blunts tend to appear darker in color than their joint counterparts. Joints are often wrapped in hemp papers which have a lighter coloring. Joint papers come in a variety of flavors, thicknesses and materials, with hemp being one of the most popular.

Keeping Up Appearances

Appearances can be important when talking about blunts vs joints. We’ve already unpacked the main components of a blunt or joint. Now let’s take a look on the outside. Blunts differ from joints by being darker in color, due to their cigarillo papers. Joints will appear lighter and with a more opaque paper. Joints may also be rolled with a twisted end. The best way to differentiate between joints and blunts is to pay attention to the color.

The difference between joints and blunts

Thank You For Smoking

These two may seem very similar, but when it comes to smoking they have their differences. Joints are generally easier to smoke and roll, but that may come at the price of their burn time. Joints burn down quicker than blunts. For those looking for a longer smoke session, or if you’re in a group, a blunt is excellent. Blunts burn slower than joints, providing a longer experience while saving some green.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Having a properly rolled preroll is half the experience. Knowing how to roll a joint is a skill every smoker should know. Joint papers are easier to work with than blunt papers and are perfect for beginners. Blunts require a few extra steps and may take a little extra time. Cigarillos may need to be split and emptied in order to prepare the paper. Then the paper is prepped with moisture, filled, rolled, “baked” and ready to go.

When it comes to the great blunts vs joints debate each one has their own pros and cons. Everyone has their own reasons for smoking one over the other, while other folks may smoke both. That is the beauty of marijuana. Now that you know the differences, strengths and weaknesses of joints and blunts, you can decide for yourself which is the winner when you order your next cannabis delivery from Kushfly.


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The Differences Between Joints & Blunts

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