The Cannabis Black Friday: Green Wednesday!

The holiday season has more special days more than you think. Even though they are not official holidays, they are acknowledged by many crowds. One of these holidays is Green Wednesday, the second biggest day after 4/20.

What is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday has become a popular day for cannabis users to visit their local dispensary before the long holiday weekend. While nothing has yet to surpass 420 (April 20) in terms of cannabis sales, Green Wednesday has come close. Dispensaries saw an 80% spike in sales the day before Thanksgiving in 2020, resulting in a record $238 million in sales over the Thanksgiving weekend. In 2018 and 2019, sales also increased. Green Wednesday is claimed to have been coined by a cannabis delivery business in 2016 after they saw a spike in sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. One of the good examples is LA. Los Angeles weed delivery services have one of their busiest times during Green Wednesdays. While dispensaries throughout the country normally see increased traffic over the holiday weekend, the day before Thanksgiving is when the cannabis crowd really comes out. There are many ideas as to why this is, but regardless of the reason, sales always skyrocket on this day.

When is Green Wednesday 2021?

Green Wednesday usually takes place before Thanksgiving.

Green Wednesday deals

Green Wednesday comes with tons of deals on every type of cannabis-related product.  Cannabis companies have begun to capitalize on the “holiday’s” fame to generate interest in new cultivars (strains) and goods. Some states allow dispensary discounts and deals, while others let businesses build reward programs with exclusive benefits and points for members.  While some cannabis users are searching for the most THC for their money, microdosing is becoming increasingly popular. Microdosing, or taking little dosages of THC without feeling drowsy, is easier with THC edibles, owing to the fact that it’s easy to acquire smaller doses or chop the product into smaller pieces.

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