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The Best Way To Store Weed & How To Keep It Fresh

The Best Way To Store Weed & How To Keep It Fresh

We all like to stock up on weed. Especially these days, we could all use a little extra THC to keep us feeling our best. But what happens when you buy too much and need to stash it for a while? How long does weed last and what’s the best way to store it? Do people actually store weed in their freezer? Read below to learn all about how to properly take care of your cannabis.

How long does weed last?

You may be surprised to learn that if kept in good conditions, weed can last a long time. If you have good quality cannabis, it can last about six months to one year. Check out our article How Long Is Weed Good For to learn our tips and tricks on how to properly care for your cannabis.


The Best Way To Store Weed & How To Keep It Fresh
If properly stored, weed can last six months to one year.


Cannabis flower typically looses potency over the following time period:

  • After one year, it loses about 16% THC
  • After two years, it loses about 26% THC
  • After three years, it loses about 34% THC
  • After four years, it loses about 41%THC


Does weed go bad?

If you don’t properly store cannabis flower, it will get dried out very quickly. It’s important to keep it in ideal conditions in order to prevent it from going bad. If your weed crumbles in your fingertips easily, then it’s definitely too dried out. You’ll still be able to smoke it, but it probably won’t get you too high and won’t taste that great. Weed can also get moldy if it’s kept in a humid environment. Do not smoke your weed if it’s moldy!


What’s the best way to store weed?

If you want to keep your weed fresh, then here are some tips.

  • Keep your weed out of direct sunlight
  • Store it in a cool, dry place
  • Vacuum seal jars and containers to keep out any moisture
  • Separate your strains to maximize their full potential

The best way to do this is by storing your flower in a small glass jar or a marijuana storage container (yes, they exist.) Make sure you keep the lid on tight, don’t open it often, and store it in a cool place that’s out of direct sunlight. Another great way to store weed is by vacuum sealing it. It takes a little more effort, but it will keep your flower fresh for an extremely long time.


The Best Way To Store Weed & How To Keep It Fresh


Is vacuum sealed weed a good idea?

Vacuum sealing weed involves removing air from the package before you seal it. It’s a common practice in the food industry and can keep food fresh for a long period of time. So if it works for food, will it work for weed? You can definitely vacuum seal your cannabis flower, but be careful not to crush the flower in the process. You should also make sure the material you use doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals (such as plastic) since it will be in such close contact with the weed for an extended amount of time.

The Best Way To Store Weed & How To Keep It Fresh

Can you store weed in the freezer?

Storing weed in the freezer is a common way to keep it fresh. However, you should be extremely careful because the cold temperatures could cause the trichomes to break off. Instead of storing it in the freezer, we recommend finding a dark container to put it in. Make sure wherever you store it, it’s out of reach of children.



Final thoughts on how to store weed & keep it fresh

Next time you need to store weed, remember the following:

  • Keep the weed in a humidity range between 59% and 64%
  • The air temperature surrounding your weed should be around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vacuum seal your weed if you make sure there are no dangerous chemicals in the material used
  • Keep your weed out of direct sunlight
  • Keep your weed in an airtight glass jar or mason jar
  • Store your marijuana strains separate to ensure they keep their individual flavors


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