The Best Cities in America for Cannabis Vacation

Vacations are always better with a little bit of weed by your side, but you know what’s even better? Weed vacations!

Today we are going to talk about where you can go to smoke weed in The United States, and evaluate some of the weed-friendly vacation spots.

Weed Cities

Here are the best cities to go on cannabis trips.

Downtown Los Angeles at sunset

Los Angeles

It is no surprise that the top of the list belongs to LA. We can easily say that LA is the Meca of weed pilgrims in The United States. Los Angeles offers all kinds of cannabis experiences for stoners. You can dine in some of the best weed restaurants in town, visit the dispensaries and coffee shops to sample the unrivaled cannabis products. Enjoy your weed at Venice Beach and be involved with the culture. Accommodation is pretty convenient in Los Angeles since there are lots of 420 friendly Airbnbs in the city. Also, you can order your favorite edibles and flowers online from when you are staying in LA.

Panoramic view of Las Vegas Strip at night in Nevada

Las Vegas

The recreational use of cannabis became legal two years ago, and the weed culture is booming since then. Vegas is already one of the entertainment centers of the USA, and now that it is becoming more and more 420 friendly, you should consider having Las Vegas on your stoner vacation list. Things to do in Las Vegas are almost infinite. You can indulge in all kinds of delicious food at great restaurants that offer the delicacies of the world. Public use of cannabis is still kind of illegal, so consume your stuff privately and then watch a show. Las Vegas may not be the capital of weed, but it has the biggest dispensary in the country. Planet 13, a must-visit location for every weed enthusiast, is a 40,000-square-feet facility devoted to cannabis. You can buy weed as much as you want to enjoy during your trip.

Denver, Colorado, USA Downtown Skyline Drone Aerial


Denver is one of those places that foreseen the future of the weed industry. The city has more than 150 dispensaries that can’t be visited in one trip. So, you better know you will be coming back to this city again. Regardless of what you are into, Denver can offer quite some activities that would make your time there worth spending. It has great outdoor places to roll one up and enjoy the landscape. If you are more of an art person, you should definitely visit the museums after your smoke sessions. Denver is also known for its out-of-the-box 420 tours like joint and sushi rolling workshops. The restaurants in town won’t let you down even if you are a picky eater. There are lots of good options to eat when you have the munchies.

San Francisco skyline with Oakland Bay Bridge at sunset, California, USA

San Francisco

When it comes to weed activism, San Fransisco is among the first cities that come to mind. The city is not lacking 420 friendly activities. You can find dispensaries around town with ease but keep in mind that it is forbidden to smoke in public. You can visit the special lounges to enjoy your cannabis.

Headlight Lighthouse


Portland is on the way to becoming a star of the weed scene. The city offers every type of weed-friendly activity like art classes and cannabis aerobics (yes, there is such a thing, and you should try it). If you are looking for culinary experiences, Portland is the right place. You can find great weed restaurants with unique menus. Art is very appreciated in the city, so make sure to check out some galleries as well.

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