The Best Cannabis Strains To Enjoy At The Beach

The Best Cannabis Strains To Enjoy At The Beach

There are few things better than enjoying a sunny day at the beach. With most beaches now open, spending an afternoon amidst the sun and sand is a great way to spend a few hours. And by bringing along your favorite cannabis strain, your day is guaranteed to get a little better! Keep in mind social distancing measures and be respectful of other peoples space, and have a great time! Here are the best cannabis strains to enjoy at the beach!

Blue Lemonade

Blue Lemonade is the perfect strain for any occasion. This sativa flower delivers energizing effects and an uplifting mental buzz. A strain as delicious as it sounds, you can enjoy fresh flavors of sweet citrus when smoking Blue Lemonade. These frosty buds have a beautiful, slightly blue hue.

Strawberry Bliss

If you love sweet flavors and uplifting energy, Strawberry Bliss is just what you need. This sativa has a fruity strawberry taste mixed with savory creamy cheese and a touch of spice. After just a few hits of this sativa, you’ll feel euphoric and lifted with a sense of happiness that pushes away any negative thoughts or feelings.

Blue Satellite

Blue Satellite is a powerful psychoactive strain with long lasting effects. This sativa will induce cerebral effects such as euphoria, creativity, and stress relief. Choose this strain if you are looking for a daytime companion to battle appetite loss, nausea, or pain.

Herijuana Jack

Herijuana Jack is a hybrid strain that will induce relaxing and euphoric effects. Taking a few puffs before bed will definitely ease any sleeping issues and make sure you have a rejuvenating rest. Users of this strain have described the feeling as a slight indica buzz.

Black Cherry Pie

Black Cherry Pie is a fruity strain with beautiful green nugs. The effects from this hybrid flower can soothe nausea and minor aches while keeping the mind relaxed and creative. It’s sought-after effects make it a popular choice for bringing along to activities and relaxing evenings.

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