The Best Cannabis Strains For College Aged Consumers

The Best Cannabis Strains For College Aged Consumers

There are a lot of cannabis strains on the market today, and with all those options, it can be hard to know the best cannabis strains for you. For college aged consumers, the most common desired effects from using cannabis are relaxation, energy, euphoria, and creativity. We have put together a list of the best strains for college aged consumers and their effects. Enjoy!

  1. Cookies & Dream – Energizing and Euphoric

Cookies & Dream is a perfect strain for social gatherings as it delivers a euphoric body buzz and packs a strong sativa kick to keep your energy up. This hybrid has a sweet taste and aroma and will leave you wanting more.

THC: 28.2%


2. Skywalker OG – Relaxing and Sedating

Skywalker OG is a relaxing indica strain that will induce deep feelings of euphoria. This is an ideal strain for nighttime enjoyment after a long day of stress, as it will gently ease any tension you may be experiencing.

THC: 27.4%


3. White Tahoe Cookie – Relaxing and Euphoric

White Tahoe Cookie is a hybrid strain that will relax your body while alleviating minor pain and anxiety. This flower has a classic aroma of diesel and pine with a sweet undertone.


4. Tangie Sunrise – Uplifting and Energizing

Tangie Sunrise will infuse you with a delightfully happy and uplifted feeling, freeing you from any stress. This sativa produces an uplifting body and head high. This strain is best enjoyed in the daytime and boasts delicious flavors of citrus and diesel.

THC: 24.7%


5. Star Cookie – Euphoric and Uplifting

Star Cookie is a hybrid strain that offers a creamy terpene profile with an undertone of grass and pine influence. Prepare yourself for a euphoric journey into a relaxing and uplifting world after just a few hits of Star Cookies.

THC: 25.7%


6. Wifi Alien OG – Relaxing and Calming

Wifi Alien OG induces a full body calm that eases anxiety, pain, and tension. This is the perfect indica strain to enjoy after a long day of stress and work.

THC: 25.9%


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