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Super G Strain Review


Get ready for the ultimate uplifting sativa. Super G is unlike any flower you’ve tried! This strain is the result of crossing G13 and Super Silver Haze. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Super G.

What does Super G taste like?

This sativa has a unique flavor of earthy pine and sweet herbs. There is also an underlying spicy flavor that lingers around after the exhale. It’s not overly sweet, and has just the right amount of earthiness to balance out the flavor.

What does Super G smell like?

Super G smells just how it tastes, with a wonderful aroma of natural herbs and sweetness. You can also expect scents similar to a skunky pine aroma that will come to surface. It’s a very pleasant aroma and you’ll find yourself actually enjoying the smell.


Super G is an energizing sativa strain.


What are the effects of Super G?

The best part of this sativa strain are the effects that it offers. Immediately after smoking, you’ll feel an uplifted cerebral buzz that will lift your mind with an increased mood and energy. Creativity and motivation soon follow, and this is a great time to work on a project, or check a few things off your to-do list. As these effects fade away, your mind will become more clear as your body settles into a relaxing buzz. Super G offers an incredibly long lasting high, making it a great choice for daytime. Its medicinal qualities make it an excellent choice for managing headaches, nausea, fatigue, and chronic pain.

What does Super G look like?

Super G buds have a fluffy, mint green appearance with a light coating of crystal trichomes. Although the buds are not huge, they are still excellent quality and usually have a THC percentage of over 20 percent.


Have you ever tried Super G? What were your thoughts on this sativa strain? Leave us a comment down below! If you’d like to order Super G today, click here!


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