Even More Reasons To Love CBD! Studies Explore The Benefits Of CBD Treatment

Studies Explore The Benefits Of CBD Treatment
Suffering from snoring? Dry skin? Sleeplessness? Eczema? Inflammation? Studies continue to explore the benefits of CBD treatment using CBD oil.

CBD’s introduction into the mainstream started with medical applications in more serious circumstances. When individuals with epilepsy responded well to CBD oil, important scientific arguments were made and continue to be made because of its use in treating individuals who suffer with seizures. From that point, studies implied that CBD treatment  could be beneficial in managing chronic pain and anxiety. Continue reading to find out the many ways CBD oil is beneficial.

Since CBD has made its way from the fringes to the mainstream, more medical studies are suggesting its applications in the following areas:

Sleep apnea
Dry skin

As the listing of potential advantages of utilizing CBD oil and CBD products rises, the discussion regarding exactly what CBD is and how it works is an important one to consider.

Dr David Dawit, Chief Scientific Officer of Eos Scientific says, “You will find 4 major methods used to produce or extract CBD from hemp, entire plant extraction, isolate extraction, CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction.

Whole Plant Extraction

The whole hemp plant forms a portion of the extraction and is one of the more favored methods. This is because It’s believed to be the best way to catch the whole cannabinoid spectrum as near the normal endocannabinoid system as possible

Isolate Extraction

CBD isolates are pure CBD compounds expressed, with their effectiveness dependent on the standard of hemp from which they’re derived.

This is when CO2 is forced through the plant to extract the oil, the many complex methods now available but does allow for the person cannabinoid substances to be separated efficiently.

Alcohol Extraction

This is the first extraction method used, by soaking the hemp in a solvent to remove the oils and the solvent is evaporated to leave the CBD oil.

CBD is seen as a food supplement which helps bring balance to our bodies and minds by multiplying or ‘topping up’ that the endocannabinoid system that most are unable to create enough of thus causing imbalance. The human body naturally creates cannabinoids, which can be used by the endocannabinoid system to maintain balance/homeostasis within the body. The endocannabinoid system has been long regarded as the most important system in the body for maintaining long term health.

CBD Treatment

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of Eos Scientific says, “CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Although CBD was known to assist a myriad of individuals with different ailments regrettably we’re not able to promote its health benefits unless it’s been tested and approved as a medicinal product. There are a few products on the marketplace that have this acceptance such as Epidolex that may be used as a treatment for kids with Epilepsy. So far CBD is known to help with not only epilepsy but also inflammation, anxiety, pain relief and sleeping problems.

We are in the start of a seismic change with regard to this plant on a worldwide scale. People who’d normally go to health and wellness stores such as Holland & Barrett to purchase vitamins are suddenly being introduced with cannabinoid products that range from traditional oils to cosmetics. Elsewhere, cafés, spas and bars are integrating this exciting new ingredient to the services and products they offer. In the next 12-24 months we’re likely to find a much more dramatic explosion of CBD goods , in precisely the same manner that people take supplements and vitamins to boost their wellbeing.”


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