Smarties Strain Review & Information

Kushfly has a strain for every day of the year! This time, our guest for the review is the charming Smarties strain. Let’s see if it is your flower.

What Strain is Smarties Strain?

Girl Scout Cookies, Diesel, and the traditional Blue City strains were crossed to develop the Smarties strain.

Is Smarties Strain an Indica or Sativa?

With a 60% indica to 40% sativa ratio, Smarties is a relatively indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Smarties Strain Effects

The effects of the Smarties high will have you lounging rather than getting up and moving. A few minutes after your last hit, your limbs will begin to tingle as your body fills with a sense of profound relaxation and tranquility, lulling you into a slightly couch-locked but not overly sedated condition. Smarties is frequently used to treat people who experience problems like chronic stress or anxiety, depression or mood swings, and chronic fatigue due to these effects and its extremely high average THC content.

Smarties Strain THC Level

Smarties is a pusher for your THC tolerance. It comes with a high THC level of 29.1 %.

Smarties Strain Strain Flavors

With undertones of rich fruity berries and crisp mint, this bud imparts a taste like sugary, sweet candy.

Smarties Strain Smell

A pleasantly nice overtone of light earthiness may be detected in the smell, which is very similar to its sweet taste.

Smarties Strain Growing Info

The Smarties’ flowering season will span 8 to 10 weeks. The strain will have dark green nugs with orange hairs as its outward look. The purple trichomes that cover each blossom are what truly make it beautiful.

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