Slapz Strain Review & Information

You know what time it is! Yet again, we will introduce you to one of our new strains, Slapz. Let’s see how hard it can slap you.

What strain is Slapz ?

This strain is a byproduct of a cross between the Runtz and Grease Monkey strains, and as a result, it has a potent and pungent odor. This strain has a very high THC content, which can be attributed to its incredibly powerful parent flowers.

Is Slapz an Indica or Sativa?

If you are seeking a hard-hitting indica, Slapz can deliver what you need.

Slapz Strain Effects

The name “Slapz ” refers to how you’ll feel after consuming it. It hits you so quickly that it feels like a smack in the face, not because it is unpleasant or damaging. You’ll feel the high quite quickly after taking the first couple of inhalations. It will fill you with joy and serenity, and it will stimulate your imagination. Find the hefty, soothing head and body high you’re after with this indica strain. It is recommended that it be smoked at night or when there is a desire to unwind due to its intensity and possible relaxing nature. Because of its high average THC content and beneficial effects, Slapz is frequently used to alleviate symptoms of chronic tension, anxiety, nausea, sadness, and mood swings.

Slapz THC Level

With a name like that, it is hard to imagine a lower THC concentration in this strain. Slapz literally slaps you with its 29.8% THC level.

Slapz Strain Flavors

When smoked, Slapz has the traditional sweet-and-sour taste of lemon citrus, and when exhaled, you will be greeted by a lavender aroma and an aftertaste of diesel. There are reports of a flavor profile that combines skunk, diesel, and pine.

Slapz Strain Smell

Slapz has a robust earthy smell, in contrast to its candy-flavored parent strains, but there are also pleasant and sweet notes lingering in its pungent odor.

Slapz Growing Info

The nugs of this flower are dense and spherical. Their dark olive green color is tinged with a rich blue. Its body is adorned with pale amber hairs and tiny trichomes of icy blue and white. crystals. It’s possible to cultivate it indoors; nevertheless, it takes around 60 days for the plants to reach flowering age. Growing it outside is an option, too. It develops as a bushy shrub with several tiers. Depending on the environment, Slapz can flower in as few as 63 days.

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