Why Are Short Infused Prerolls Popular Now?

Short Infused Prerolls

Heads up, preroll lovers! Have you noticed the huge popularity of short infused prerolls lately? 

Everything from convenience to potency has made them incredibly popular among smokers. Curious about all reasons why more and more people are turning to these mini joints? 

Read on as we explore the benefits and reasons for their rising popularity!

The Rising Popularity Of Short Infused Pre-Rolls

Let’s start with the definition of infused prerolls. An infused pre-roll refers to a cannabis “joint” that combines ground flower with cannabis concentrate such as hash, kief, wax, or shatter. 

This infusion can be incorporated within the rolling papers along with the ground flower, or it can be applied externally to the pre-roll. This addition of cannabis concentrate enhances the potency of the pre-roll, resulting in a more intense encounter.

And short infused prerolls (also “shorties” or “mini prerolls”) come forward right here. They are simply shorter than typical prerolls, and are also potent and infused with cannabis concentrate. 

Shorties Prerolls

Even among the 10/10 canna-connoisseurs, short infused prerolls’ popularity is rising very quickly. There are lots of reasons for this. 

First, these ready-to-go prerolls make sharing in a smoke session as easy as keeping to yourself. Considering how COVID-19 affected our lives, it’s a significant advantage.

Put another way: Shorties present a fresh approach to cannabis smoking sessions in this post pandemic era.

Second, coming with .35g, and .5g, these shorties will satisfy every type of smoker, as they are the perfect size to finish without having to relight later on.

Moreover, there is no shortage of flavors it offers. From fruity to exotic, you can indulge in the finest indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers.

Bottom line?

Shorties come in a convenient size, perfect for enjoying while on the move or during a solo session. 

Opting for this compact method of experiencing top-notch cannabis doesn’t mean losing on quality. Simply place the tin in your pocket or bag, and you’re ready to roll.

How Are Pre-Rolls Infused with Concentrate?

Pre-rolls are enriched with concentrates using either of two methods (or occasionally, a combination of both). 

The initial approach involves blending a concentrate with the flower before the pre-roll is crafted. This method works splendidly for kief, hash, diamond, and moon rock pre-rolls. 

Infused Prerolls

Alternatively, the second technique involves constructing and rolling the pre-roll first, followed by immersing the entire pre-roll in a concentrate such as wax, sauce, resin, or rosin.

Short Infused Prerolls You Can Buy in Los Angeles

From Jeeter to STNDRD, Aloha to Stiiizy, and Smashed, there are plenty of cannabis brands that offer short infused prerolls in Los Angeles.

You can browse our Prerolls menu to discover the exciting world of these infused beauties.

Aloha PePe Puffs Coconut Runtz

Aloha offers the most potent prerolls on the market, containing indoor flowers infused with liquid diamonds and covered in kief.

And, Aloha PePe Puffs Coconut Runtz Mini Prerolls offer everything you expect from a joint! 

Aloha Coconut Runtz short infused prerolls

The package contains 5 mini prerolls bursting with flavor, making you feel like you’re on a Hawaiian vacation! Each preroll contains .5g.

Stiiizy 40’s Blue Burst Infused Jointz

STIIIZY 40’s Blue Burst short infused prerolls are the gold standard because they are evenly covered with kief and have a high concentration of 37.32% THC.

They have an easy inhale and a pleasant exhale, and they provide a strong and prolonged high. The euphoric effects of Blue Burst are as pleasing as its flavor, bringing about a sense of tranquility and uplift that leaves the user feeling physically relaxed and mentally at ease.

Aloha PePe Puffs Pink Starburst

Pink Starburst is a potent hybrid flower, melding a serene euphoria driven by positivity and unwavering mental lucidity.

Once you indulge in a few hits of Pink Starburst, its potent effects swiftly turn on, enwrapping your thoughts in a sharp, focused concentration, accompanied by a tingling surge of joy.

Upon exhaling, it unveils a distinct floral essence, transforming into a delightful candy-like sweetness.

Stiiizy 40’s Strawberry Cough Infused Jointz Multi-Pack

The effects of Strawberry Cough strain are cerebral and uplifting, rather than physically stimulating. Your physical self calms down and unwinds while your mental self remains alert and full of inventive vitality.

Stiiizy 40's Strawberry Cough mini prerolls

Users who enjoyed Strawberry Cough report feeling more sociable and open to making new friends. Each preroll contain .5g.

Aloha PePe Puffs Guava Kush

Aloha PePe Puffs Guava Kush Short Infused Prerolls bring balanced effects, providing a true blend of physical and cerebral highs.

This indica offers relaxation, creativity, tingling sensations, sociability, and occasionally drowsiness. Its flavor profile is sweet, tropical, and fruity, accompanied by a similar aroma.

The package contains 5 mini prerolls, and each preroll contains .5g.

Stiiizy 40’s Skywalker OG Infused Jointz

The effects of Skywalker OG indica strain first come forward as a barrage of cerebral effects, crashing into the skull with a sense of exuberant, disorienting joy.

As your thoughts fly, your body will enter a state of deep relaxation, grounding you even as your thoughts surge. It contains 40.37% THC level.

Aloha PePe Puffs Sunset Sherbert

Aloha PePe Puffs Sunset Sherbert Shorties are perfect for profoundly relaxing and calming effects. 

Aloha Sunset Sherbet Shorties

This indica flower features a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile with skunk citrus, sweet berry, and candy notes.


What does infused preroll mean?

An infused pre-roll is a term used for a cannabis joint that blends ground flower with concentrated cannabis products like hash, kief, wax, or shatter.

Are short infused prerolls strong?

Yes, short infused prerolls are more potent than typical prerolls.

What is the difference between prerolls and infused prerolls?

Compared to typical prerolls, infused prerolls combine ground flower with cannabis concentrate such as hash, kief, wax, or shatter.


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