Seth Rogen Launches Company That Will Sell Pre Rolled Joints

Weed has been featured in a number of his films, so the news that Seth Rogen has launched a cannabis company might not come as a surprise.

The Pineapple Express and Superbad actor, and his long term collaborator Evan Goldberg, announced earlier this week that they were diversifying their company with the launch of a firm called Houseplant.

According to The Guardian, Houseplant will provide cannabis from the group’s native Canada where it was legalized by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in October 2018. It can now be bought online in Canada for recreational use.

Seth and Evan are working in combination with an Ontario-based grower named Canopy Growth. “Houseplant is the end result of years of experience and dedication, together with every component and saying, thoughtfully designed to make it easier for folks to learn how to love cannabis ‘as much as Houseplant does,” Canopy Growth said in a statement this morning. Seth added, ‘Houseplant is a passion we have brought to life via dedication and drive. Every decision we have made for the company reflects the years of schooling, firsthand experience and esteem we have for cannabis.”

Seth Rogan And Snoop Dog Light Up

The company’s first product will be ‘Houseplant Sativa’, which is set to launch in Canada next month. They’ll then add a number of other plants to their own offering, together with gels and pre rolled joints. Seth isn’t the initial A-lister to group up with Canopy Growth. Both Martha Stewart and her hit TV food show co-host Snoop Dogg are reportedly working on a range of hemp-based products with the growers.

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Seth Rogan Launches Company That Will Sell Pre Rolled Joints

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