Seattle Residents Can Now Pre-Order Weed Online

Marijuana fans in Seattle are rejoicing that they can now order weed online. While buying marijuana from the world wide web is not really new, it has become more popular than ever in the state. As of this writing, there are reportedly 40 bud shops in Seattle that allow consumers to pre order weed on a pre-determined foundation, fuelling exploration into other types of cannabis products they might want to research and try.

In a meeting with Seattle Times, online cannabis shop Lux Pot Shop manager Kalie Sandstorm said that internet shopping provides consumers plenty of time to explore choices and experiment with new products, unlike being at a brick-and-mortar store where they may feel “rushed” to buy. The massive quantity of merchandise available, not just marijuana to smoke but also to eat or beverage plus the dozens of flavors showcased, may be overwhelming.

Another store named Hashtag said that pre-orders aren’t a new feature at their store. In fact, marketing director Christine Bryant Cohen said that’s how their business started back in 2018, with 3 to 5% of the sales attributed to internet pre-orders. Clients choose what they want from the shop, place a booking, and then just pick up the merchandise from their stores whenever they are free at the subsequent 48 hours.

Online ordering is also a hit one of the “innovative” bud users who are open to more experimental tastes and methods. Plus, and perhaps most important of all, they do not have to wait ahead and also make small talk if they come and pick up their things.

Seattle legislation prohibits the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in public, though you are permitted to consume it at your home. It’s also permitted to be utilized for medical reasons, provided the appropriate licenses and documentation are secured.

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Seattle Residents Can Now Order Weed Online

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