Pure Haze Strain Review & Information

What is Pure Haze?

Pure Haze is the product of the flower child era. If you consider yourself a traditionalist, this one’s for you as it is considered a true classic. It is a potent strain with a sweet flavor known for it’s deep relaxation effects that helps aid chronic pain and depression. If you have tried to do an online search for Pure Haze, you’ll see it’s a rare find. Kushfly is here to clear that hazy air and fill you in on all your most asked questions about Pure Haze. 

La Weeds Pure Haze

Is Pure Haze Indica or Sativa?

Pure Haze properties are interesting as it is a Sativa, which is traditionally known as bringing a cerebral state. However due to it’s deep mind-calming effects it alters your state of consciousness to also experience a surprisingly deep relaxation from head to toe. The strain Pure Haze is built like a Sativa but works like a hyper-enhanced hybrid.

Pure Haze Strain Effects

How strong is Pure Haze? Kushfly offers Pure Haze at an energizing THC level of 24.4%. Certainly, this strain holds a hard-hitting impact of immediate uplifting relaxation. You’ll notice a euphoric calming effect, rather than a mind-bending one. Your mind will be elevated into higher levels of consciousness allowing you to enter a state of creativity, focus, and relaxation that hits both your mind and body. Aiding in chronic symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and pain this strain is great in allowing you to feel a happy calm while socializing or participating in equally mellow activities.


Pure Haze Strain Flavors

Pure Haze certainly has the best of both worlds when it comes to layered scented strains. It carries an inhale of truly sweet flowers and sour citrus with an earthy and spicy herbal release. With this in mind, let’s learn about Pure Strain’s scent.


Pure Haze Strain Smell

If you enjoy flowers that smell exactly how they taste in particular, this one’s for you. Pure Haze smells exactly how it tastes with sweet flowers, notes of citrus, and an earthy aroma. 

Pure Haze Strain Growing Information

Notably, the Pure Haze seeds are not feminized, so you’ll produce about half female and half male plants which are useful for breeding. Pure Haze strain flowering time is about 150 days or 18-26 weeks. It can be grown indoors, however it has a high yield so be sure to leave room for growth.  Pure Haze can also be grown outdoors, in this case expect a December flowering season. Sativa strain has long pine green buds with pyrite brown hairs and a rich frost coating.


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