Post Malone’s Hemp Company, Sherbinskis Donates 40k Face Masks

Post Malone's Hemp Company Donates 40k Face Masks

About a year ago, Post Malone rolled out his lifestyle brand Shaboink, and debuted his line of hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls called Sherbinskis. But given the recent events, the young rapper decided to switch his priorities to address a new call to action, the devastating outbreak of COVID-19 in America.

Over the past few months, the need for N95 masks caused a huge global shortage, resulting in doctors and nurses reusing old masks, or working without them and risking contamination. Like many other celebrities, Post Malone chose to get personally involved in the effort to find a solution by using his resources.

Shaboink announced on May 11, that they will team up with Direct Relief to provide necessary protective goods for doctors and nurses. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization active in all 50 states. Shaboink and Direct Relief will provide 40,000 N95 masks to medical teams all throughout America.

Post told Rolling Stone, “I’ve been working with my team on a number of unreleased products that fit into my lifestyle that I can’t wait to share with my fans,[but] when faced with COVID-19, I knew it was important to pivot to products that could help us stay clean now, so we can get back to shaboink’ing later.”

Post went on to explain that most of us are having a “pretty shitty time right now” and among the COVID-19 outbreak, Sherbinskis preroll production just seemed a little less important. He wanted to focus on something that would help the whole community and keep people safe.

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