Our Favorite Cannabis Products So Far This Year

Our Favorite Cannabis Products So Far This Year

Who knows what kind of new cannabis products are going to pop up in 2020? CBD infused yogurt? Maybe THC pizza? Although no one can be sure of what amazing products are going to enter the scene, we sure have a list of our favorite cannabis and CBD products so far this year.

  1. Kushbee Sugar Wax

It’s been too long since we dabbed last, and even longer since we found some decent sugar wax to dab with. Look no further than Kushbee Sugar Wax, available in Purple Punch and True OG. This stuff is sticky and potent, and right now you can get a free Evod 2.0 wax pen when you buy 2g of Kushbee Sugar Wax.

2. 2020 Anything

Coming in at number 2 is basically anything 2020. This company offers vapes and prerolls. What really makes their prerolls special is the fact that they are rolled in oil and dusted in keif. If these babies don’t get you high, nothing will.

3. Beyond Blueberry

Beyond Blueberry is an indoor grown hybrid strain that delivers incredibly uplifting effects, ideal for any time of the day. Enjoy a sweet and earthy aroma and flavor with each smooth inhale. THC: 29.5% BUY 2 Get $10 OFF! BUY 4 Get $30 OFF

4. SAFI CBD Intense Relief Cream

Intense Relief Cream takes away pain and promotes comfort thanks to a deeply nourishing formula enriched with pure CBD, calendula flower, rosemary leaf, and rice bran oil. This fast-absorbing cream goes to work on contact to soothe inflammation, muscle aches, and soreness.

5.  Kushbee Edibles Strawberry Rings 300mg

Kushbee Rainbow Rings are a delicious way to discreetly enjoy the countless benefits of THC! These gummies contain 300mg of THC . This powerful edible should be used with caution and in places of familiarity. Kushbee edibles are perfect for helping social anxiety at events and are also great for medicating in smoke-free environments, such as apartment complexes and outdoor events.

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