Not All Pre-Rolls Are Created Equal

Not All Pre-Rolls Are Created Equal

When you browse our menu of pre-rolls, you’ll find a lot of different options. There are joints, blunts, CBD pre-rolls, golden pre-rolls, and more. A ‘pre-roll’ can be described as the following: ‘ A preroll is a joint or blunt of marijuana that was prepared before its intended time of consumption.’ Although the definition is the same for the overall outcome of each pre-roll, there are key differences between each one on our menu. Let’s talk about each one specifically.

Differences Between Joints and Blunts

Blunts and joints may seem very similar, but when it comes to smoking they have their differences. Joints are generally easier to smoke and roll, but that may come at the price of their burn time. Joints burn down quicker than blunts. For those looking for a longer smoke session, or if you’re in a group, a blunt is excellent. Blunts burn slower than joints, providing a longer experience while saving some green.

Pre-Rolled Joints

Joints are perfect for people who love to smoke flower, but don’t want the hassle of grinding the flower and rolling a joint. When you smoke a joint, you’ll get the same exact effects as if you were to buy your own flower and roll a joint. If you’re interested in joints, check out these options.

LA Weeds Specialty Preroll OZK

LA Weeds Specialty Preroll XJ-13

LA Weeds Specialty Preroll OG Cookies

CaliKush Co. Specialty Indica 7 Pre-Rolled Joints

Kushfly Specialty Hybrid PreRolled Joint


Pre-Rolled Joints With Kief

These joints are infused with kief. Kief refers to the sticky, potent crystals that cover the marijuana plant. It’s extreamely rich in THC and will make any joint a bit more powerful. If this got your attention, check out 2020 or Three Kingspre-rolls. Each pre roll is made with flower infused with hash oil and rolled in golden kief.

2020 Pre-rolls

Three Kings Pre-rolls


Pre-Rolled Blunts

As we mentioned above, blunts are great for people who enjoy smoking with a group, since they burn much slower than joints. If you’re into blunts, check out these options. The Blackbox Blunts have an added bonus, as they also include potent kief in them, to give you extra elevation.

Blackbox Highgrade Sativa Prerolled Blunt With Kief

Blackbox Highgrade Indica Prerolled Blunt With Kief


CBD Pre-Rolls

For those people who don’t want any THC in their pre-rolls, CBD options are perfect! Sherbinskis Gelato Hemp Pre-Rolls 20 Pack is a convenient and portable pack. Each CBD preroll contains the maximum amount of benefits, to help you feel relaxed and euphoric, without any ‘high’ feeling. Each pre-roll is carefully filled with hand-trimmed non-irradiated flower, never shake, for maximum quality and consistency.

Sherbinskis Gelato Hemp Pre-Rolls


24k Gold Pre-Rolls

The Kushfly Gold Joint is rolled by Kushfly budtenders in Shine 24K Gold preroll cones. These joints are rolled with our top shelf indoor flowers.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect surprise for your smoker buddy, or are just wanting to spoil yourself with something that’s super luxurious and unique, either way, enjoy some Kushfly Gold Joints!

24K Gold Joint



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