New Delivery Zones!

Kushfly has grown immensely over the 4 years we have been in business. We have done our best to keep all delivery zones intact and attainable despite this LA traffic we live in. We came up with some recent changes that should make delivery easier on everyone.

For starters, we’ve expanded our Express fleet to cut down on ETAs all over central LA. With more hubs to pick up from, our drivers will be able to fulfill your orders much faster. While you are able to order whatever you like from our full menu, we may give you a call and offer to substitute a similar item from our Express inventory in order to reach you faster. We want you to obtain the items you desire, but we will always offer the option to receive a second choice item faster.

We’ve also converted into just two flat-rate delivery minimums. For central LA, we’ll be offering a $50 minimum for free delivery. For outer LA, we’ll be offering a $100 minimum for free delivery. You can also lower your minimum if you choose to schedule your order in advance at checkout.

Some distances are just a tad less reachable in this city congestion, and those extra long distances will now be forced to schedule their orders in advance. It’s no easy feat to go 35 miles and back in the middle of rush hour, but scheduling even just a few hours in advance helps us optimize routing and accuracy.

Below, you can view a generalized map of our delivery zones. The inner shape is considered central to our hubs and therefore $50 minimum for free delivery, and the outer rim will be $100 for free delivery. You can also check to see if anything changed for your zip code here. If you are a returning patient or customer and you find yourself suddenly left out of our coverage, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

We hope these changes will significantly improve our service to you, but we are always open to any feedback that you may have. Thank you all for your continued loyalty!


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