Meet Ness and Her Very Own Curated Strains

Hey everyone! Check out our first installment of “Meet Kushfly” where we will introduce you to the best of the Kushfly team and some of their favorite products. Please meet Ness, Kushfly’s inventory manager extraordinaire, as she shares with you some of the hottest strains to keep you cool this summer.

Meet Ness and Her Very Own Curated Strains

Neslihan “Ness” is our inventory manager and has been with us since the beginning. Without her, there wouldn’t be a Kushfly. We asked her about her favorite strains and if she could tell us a little about why she enjoys them.

Ness’ Super Sativas

Super Lemon Haze

Ness: “Super Lemon Haze is energetic and creative – sometimes it makes me feel giddy — but have you smelled this bud? The lemon scent hits you right on the nose, but the earthy buttery tones that sneak up and tickle your throat are the best part. It reminds me of a lemon scone.”


Ness: “Candyland is like smoking a time-machine. It makes you feel the wonder and excitement of a being a kid and completely throws out the issues that come with being an adult. It smells so sweet! I will say, this strain actually makes playing the game more enjoyable — well tolerable.”

Ness’ Happy Hybrids


Ness: “Classic! SFV has been around longer than I have. It’s a mild hybrid that puts you in some sort of relaxation tunnel. I feel great and am super focused. I got so much stuff done and ended up in Santa Monica by the end of the day.”

Gorilla Glue #4

Ness: “Gorilla Glue #4 is a staple in my house. I use this when I have a particularly rough day at work, but still have to clean and cook when I get home. It’s relaxing and makes me feel happy without being stuck on the couch, which is something I don’t always enjoy. I remember the first time I smoked this was also my first time smoking a bong. Long story short, I got waaay too high and thought I couldn’t swallow my chicken nuggets — it was special.”

Ness’ Incredible Indicas

Mandarin OG

Ness: “I chose Mandarin OG because it is a very unique strain among indicas. For me, when I smoke an indica, I get very tired and lazy. But, not with Mandarin. Don’t get me wrong, I get noodly and relaxed, but I get chatty! I love using Mandarin when I have a few friends over for a bonfire at the beach! Typically, we’ll reserve a spot at Point Mugu State Park and bring a few different strains for different activities, with Mandarin OG being a constant for when we are sitting around the fire and talking or drinking. Please party responsibly.”

Black Zombie

Ness: “Oh my gosh, Black Zombie. I recently tried this strain for the first time and fell in love immediately. Did you know this strain has over 20 percent THC? That’s wild. I smoke Black Zombie when I don’t want to participate in society. I pretty much eat and stream shows on Hulu on my couch in my comfy clothes, and don’t talk to anyone. I’m there but I’m not, you know what I mean?”

So there’s Ness for you! The captain of the ship and the first in our staff curated series. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ness through her favorite strains and hope to see you for our next curated list! Now get out there and smoke.


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