Marijuana Vending Machines Are Popping Up Around Czech Republic

Marijuana vending machines are popping up in various areas of Czech Republic. Dozens of these CBDmats, as they’re called, have now opened in Prague, Ostrava, Olomouc and Pasohlávky in South Moravia.

Neighboring countries such as Austria and Poland have had similar machines installed for quite some time now.  Often, they’re considered normal and provoke no more attention than a candy vending machine.

CBDmats work like any other typical vending machine. The customer chooses a number that corresponds to a product, and pays for it directly.

What Products Are Inside?

If people think they’re gonna get stoned from these products inside the marijuana vending machines, they might be a little disappointed. The level of THC in the available products is just below the legal maximum, meaning below 0.3% of the dry weight. The products that will be sold in the vending machines contain either CBD or low levels of THC and are not intended to get people high. Instead, the goal is to provide the health benefits from CBD like its anti-inflammatory properties and sedative feelings.

The founder of CBDmat, René Sirý, said he is interested in following the same path of the US and Canada where CBD-infused beverages, candy, soaps, and more are being sold in vending machines.

Is It Legal?

The question many people wonder, ‘Is it legal?’ Under Czech law, selling or cultivating cannabis is a felony that can be punished with up to eight years in prison. However, the use of medical marijuana was legalized in 2013 and two years later regulations for its use were established, including the medical conditions that qualify a patient to use cannabis medicinally and rules for the manufacturing, distribution, and use of medical marijuana products.

Despite these laws, Sirý said that they do not apply to the CBDmat products because of their low THC level. He also made it clear that the company does not intend to offer more potent products.



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Marijuana Vending Machines Are Popping Up Around Czech Republic

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