Marijuana Strains That Can Improve Your Workout

Marijuana Strains That Can Improve Your Workout

We all know that marijuana is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, sleep better, or just take a step back from reality and relax. But did you ever think that weed can also improve your workout session? Ingesting the right type of marijuana can actually enhance your workout. Consuming sativa-dominant strains can be particularly helpful in keeping you focused and energized and can be the perfect supplement to a fitness routine. Sativas are known to boost energy and keep your mind clear and focused. Here are some marijuana strains that can improve your workout.

Laughing Buddha 

Laughing Buddha has a sweet, fruity aroma that’s coupled with hints of spice. This sativa has a rich smoke that delivers happy, upbeat effects. This is an ideal strain for those looking for a dose of pure happiness.

Lemon Cello

With a delightful flavor profile of lemon and cherry with crisp citrus overtones, Lemon Cello delivers relaxing and euphoric feelings. This is a perfect strain for an afternoon pick-me up.

Sour Maui OG

Cali Kush Co’s Sour Maui OG is a greenhouse grown sativa. This strain is a great choice for when you need to have a productive day. This sweet and sour strain will give you an energizing kick that lasts for hours.

Slimer OG

Cali Kush Co’s Slimer OG is a greenhouse grown sativa. This strain will ignite your appetite and compel a sense of physical wellness. Enjoy a delicious earthy scent and a classic taste of OG.

Double Dream

Double Dream delivers a euphoric, dreamy buzz that’s anchored by deep physical relaxation. Although this strain produces relaxing effects, it has an underlying sativa high that will allows for clear headed functionality to get you through the day. Enjoy the flavors of sweet berries and cream with Double Dream by LA Weeds.

So whether your workout includes cardio, weights, or a combination of both, these are some sativa strains that can improve your workout! They will push you to the edge and give you that motivation you need! Be sure to try a few and let us know how they improved your workout.

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