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Maine Yields $94,643 On First Day Of Legal Cannabis Sales

Maine Yields $94,643 In Sales On First Day Of Legal Cannabis Sales

For four long years, Maine residents have waited patiently to buy cannabis for the sole purpose of getting high. On Friday, the first six legal cannabis shops opened across the northern state of Maine. The shops reported a combined earning of $94,643 by the end of the day, resulting in $9,464 in sales tax for the state.

The data was reported on Saturday by David Heidrich, director of engagement and community outreach for the Office of Marijuana Policy. In total there are nine licensed marijuana shops in Maine, but only six have opened due to a shortage of legally tested, tagged, and taxed adult-use cannabis in Maine.

The stores that opened Friday are SeaWeed Co. and Theory Wellness in South Portland, Firestorm Cultivation in Bangor, Green Cures in Auburn, Northland Botanicals in Stratton and Sweet Relief Shop in Northport. Two other stores with licenses didn’t open Friday: House of Ganja in Newry and Coastal Cannabis Co. in Damariscotta.

Due to the limited supply of cannabis, retailers were forced to drive up prices. An 8th of bud costed between $55-$65 but prices are expected to drop as more stores open and more growers get their license.

Despite high prices, customers were thrilled to be able to legally purchase cannabis. Some even treated the day like a holiday and took the day off from work.

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