Locklite Strain Review

Locklite Strain Review

Locklite can be described as one of the most elite hybrids ever created. This unique strain is grown by Cali Kush Co. and contains a THC content of 24%. It has become a staple for cannabis smokers and is regarded as a top shelf strain due to its physical quality and potent effects that it delivers.

Locklite has a signature stench that makes it a true spicy hybrid. If you squeeze the dense buds, it will release a tropical frosty smell that’s so potent, it will have you wanting more. An interesting characteristic of this strain is that it has a unique cold vapor that will instantly cool your throat. Locklite buds are small to medium in size and covered in rich trichomes that give the flower an almost snowy look.

Locklite Overview

  • Hybrid Strain

  • 24% THC

  • Ideal For Depression, Nausea, Headaches

  • Spicy & Earthy Aroma

As with some other hybrid strains, Locklite delivers an upbeat, energetic high that mostly settles in the head. This is an ideal strain for those suffering from anxiety, nausea, depression, or headaches, as it lifts your mood instantly and delivers an all over euphoria.

Locklite does not have any ‘come down’ or ‘crash’, which makes it a great option to enjoy during the day. This is also a good option to use as a wake and bake strain, since it will instantly put a smile on your face, even early in the morning. It’s no wonder why so many people choose Locklite as their go-to morning strain.

Overall, Locklite is a very desirable strain. It has a little something for everyone, which makes it an instant classic among cannabis lovers. Be sure to try Locklite ASAP!

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