Lem Chem Review

Lem Chem Review

Lem Chem is a popular sativa strain for two reasons. It works magnificently and tastes amazing. It’s renowned for its clean elegant flavor and its empowering, uplifting effects.

Taste & Aroma

There is a complexity in the aroma that doesn’t have anything to do with lemons, but instead a strangely musky, spicy quality that is quite similar to many other hybrid strains. Alongside this initial flavor of citrus, spice, and muskiness, there exists a subtle amount of skunk and petrol, far more than you would expect from a sativa strain.

Smoke & Effects

The initial effects of Lem Chem are an overwhelming sense of relaxation that hit exceptionally quickly.  Lem Chem created a powerful sensation of weight that made me feel like I needed to sit down before I fell over. As a sativa, this strain did make me experience some extremely uplifting effects as well. Since I smoked in the comfort of my on home, I felt an overwhelming sense of creativity that took over my body.  The munchies hit me pretty hard with this strain, so I was glad to have some snacks on hand at home. Keep this in mind when smoking Lem Chem.

Lem Chem Overview

  • Sativa Strain
  • Greenhouse Grown
  • Top Terpenes: Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Beta-Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene
  • Great For: Pain Relief, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Fatigue

Overall Opinion

This is a great strain to have on hand throughout the day. Even though it is a greenhouse strain and a little less strong than others, it still delivered top notch effects and an overwhelming feeling of joy and euphoria. I loved the flavor and taste of Lem Chem and will definitely be ordering it again.

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