Kushbee Vapes Review

Kushbee Vapes Review

Kushbee Vapes are the newest concentrate on Kushfly’s menu and exclusively sold at Kushfly. I wanted to try them out with a totally clear head to really see if I could feel the 90+% THC they advertise, so I held off on smoking anything until these cartridges arrived at my doorstep around 1pm.

Look & First Impressions

I ordered two flavors, the Blueberry Kush (indica) and Green Crack (sativa). The packaging is legit, and advertises the strain name and strain category. The oil is a beautiful light amber color that’s not too runny and not so thick that it’s hard to pull when I inhale. I like that the mouthpiece is metal as opposed to plastic, just for my personal asthetic purposes (yes, it is possible to be so vein that you even care about what your vape cartridge looks like, this is LA after all.) I paired the cartridges with an adjustable vision spinner battery that I had also purchased from Kushfly, as per the sales reps recommendation.

Smoke & Effects

I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious the Blueberry Kush tasted. It had light hints of sweetness, but nothing too overwhelming. The Green Crack had a more natural, terpy flavor, but again, nothing too crazy. I’ve had vapes before that are just WAY too flavored with fake additives, or natural ones that burn my throat. Both of these were right in the middle, a great happy medium.

I tried the Green Crack first, since I needed enough energy to get me through my day. This strain was so energizing, I literally cleaned my apartment in half the time it usually takes me. I was expecting uplifting, but it delivered uplifting x100. The high was definitely more in the mind than in the body, as it didn’t weigh me down at all but I still had a pretty clear head. I vaped on and off for about 3 hours.

A few hours later when I was finally winding down and wanted to relax for the night, I tried the Blueberry Kush. I love indicas before bed but I’m usually more into flowers so this was going to be something new and I wasn’t sure how it would effect me. Let’s just say I’ll be switching to vaping at night. First off, I have a roommate who doesn’t smoke and definitely doesn’t appreciate the scent of marijuana that sneaks under the door from my room into the living room. With the vape, this wasn’t an issue at all as she didn’t smell any aroma that came from the Kushbee vape. The Blueberry Kush was perfectly relaxing and delivered hard hitting sleepy-time effects. The kind that melts you into the couch and slowly eases away all the stresses that seemed so critical earlier in the day. 

I kept my eyes open for about 40 minuets before drifting off to sleep. The next morning, I woke up feeling extremely well rested and not groggy or tired at all. That’s something else I liked about vaping instead of smoking flower before bed. With flower, I tend to wake up with a heavy feeling behind my eyes and it takes me a while to actually wake up. This wasn’t the case at all with the Kushbee vape.

Kushbee Vapes Overview

  • 4 different strains currently available
  • Strains include hybrid, indica, and sativa
  • Compatible with any 510 thread battery
  • 90+% THC


Kushbee oil was one of the best I have tried in a long time. I definitely agree that they test at over 90% THC just based on my experience alone. I would recommend these vapes to anyone looking for a potent oil, and needs something to energize them for daytime activities  or help with getting a restful nights sleep. 

If you are in LA and looking to purchase marijuana flowerCBDedibles, or concentrates for deliveryregister with Kushfly here.

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