Kushbee Disposable Vape Pen Review

Kushbee Disposable Vape Pen Review

Kushbee Disposables are the newest concentrate on Kushfly’s menu and exclusively sold at Kushfly. They are all tested at over 90% THC and come in a few different strains.

Look & First Impressions

I tried the Lemon Head and King Louis and loved both equally. The pen itself is sleek and slim and small enough to fit in a purse or pocket.You don’t have to throw this disposable vape pen when the battery is dead. You can charge it up to three times with a universal usb charger and continue to use till the oil cartridge is completely empty. I thought that was a really cool feature.

Smoke & Effects

Lemon Head was a delicious sweet strain that kept my mood lifted all day. I smoked a few hits of this strain every hour or so all afternoon and I was in a great mood, and I enjoyed the day more than I normally would have. It was a really clear headed high and I felt uplifted while relaxed at the same time, a feeling that I haven’t felt in a while. The pen was discreet to use and pull out as I was walking and the smoke doesn’t smell like weed at all.

King Louis was definitely more of a chill-out strain and made my body and mind really relaxed. This was a great choice for evening after work. I came home and took a few hits and just relaxed while making dinner. It defiantly made me a little more creative with my cooking and the pasta I made came out great, my roommate thought so too!

Kushbee Disposable Pen Overview

  • 1g of Oil
  • Strains Jack Herer, King Louis, Lemon Head & more
  • Rechargeable Up To 3 Times
  • 90+% THC


Kushbee oil was one of the best I have tried in a long time. I definitely agree that they test at over 90% THC just based on my experience alone. I would recommend these pens to anyone looking for a potent oil, and needs something to energize them for daytime activities or help them relax after a long day.

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