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How To Throw The Ultimate THC Themed Brunch

How To Throw The Ultimate THC Themed Brunch

If there’s anything that millennials love, it’s brunch. In fact, brunch has morphed into an event like never before. Go to any restaurant in a major city between the hours of 11a-3p, and you’ll find crowds of young people hunched over their avocado toast, trying to get the perfect photo. Another thing that millennials love is cannabis, and hey, can you blame them? 52% of the country’s 55 million cannabis users are millennials. Pairing brunch and cannabis together is a match made in millennial heaven. Unfortunately, restaurants aren’t permitted to offer THC infused brunches, so we’ve put together a guide on how to throw the ultimate THC themed brunch!

Set up a joint rolling station

Similar to a drink station, a joint rolling station is a perfect addition to brunch. Instead of setting up glasses, alcohol, juice, and ice, put out rolling papers, grinders, lighters, and depending on how generous you feel, weed! Or, ask guests to BYOW- bring your own weed and you can just supply the accessories!

Make a CBD infused beverage

Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are the staple brunch beverage, but for a cannabis-friendly brunch, try making a CBD infused beverage for your guests! Using Leo Cor Simple Syrup, try any of these delicious recipes including Cucumber Mint Elixir, Pomegranate Punch, and Morning Sunrise.

Set up a cannabis edible dessert station

Any good brunch ends with something sweet. Set up a THC infused dessert station for your guests, and we guarantee your brunch will end on a high note. Grab some THC chocolate to make a chocolate fondue, or just put out your favorite THC candies.

If you try out any of our ideas for a THC themed brunch, let us know in the comments below!

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