How To Properly Roll A Joint

How To Properly Roll A Joint

Can you really call yourself a cannabis lover if you don’t know how to properly roll a joint?

Don’t worry fellow canna-connoisseurs, we have taken the time to break down step-by-step how to roll the perfect joint, to enjoy with a group of friends or just toke on yourself.

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Papers and grinders were made for a reason. They are vital in creating an ideal joint and you’re gonna want to grab some to follow along. You can check out Kushfly’s accessories menu if you’re in need of good papers or grinders.

Step 1. Grind It Down

The first step to roll a joint is to break it down. Grinding your nugs in a grinder will ensure an even consistency and an even burning joint. This step is as simple as it sounds. Just grab a few nugs, depending on how big you want your joint to be you can use more or less, and pop them in the grinder. Grind them up until they settle in the bottom area of the grinder.

Step 2. Prepare The Filter

This step can easily be avoided by buying already rolled filters or tips. Filters are important because they act as a guard for  preventing any small pieces or loose weed from flying into your mouth when you inhale.

To roll a filter, tear a small piece of paper and fold one end back and forth into a ‘w’ shape. Then, roll the remaining paper tightly around the w. Make sure there are no big gaps in it where weed can get through.

Step 3. Put The Weed On The Paper

Place the tip at the end of one side of the paper, and sprinkle the weed along the creased part of the paper. Do not put any weed on top of the filter, but make sure there is no space in between the filter and the flower. Make sure the weed is evenly distributed through out the paper and there are no huge chunks. This will ensure an even burn.

Step 4. Tuck

Start at the end with the filter and carefully tuck one side of the paper into the other. Move your thumb along the joint while tucking. This may be a little tricky for beginners, but once you’ve rolled a few joints, this will come as second nature. Just start slow and easy.

Step 5. Roll And Lick

You’re almost there! Adding a little bit of moisture will ensure the joint papers stay in place. Lightly lick the joint and pat down the edges of the paper so they stick to the damp areas. Slowly continue this across the entire joint.

Step 6. Twist The End And Light Up

If you’ve properly packed the joint, one end of the paper should have no weed in it. Grab this end and twist the paper so it forms a tip. Now for the best part. Light the part that you’ve just twisted and let it burn off. Now you’re ready to smoke up and enjoy your perfectly rolled joint!


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