How To Perfectly Light Your Joint

We have all been there. You’re done rolling your joint, you light up, and then it happens. The frustrating moment when your joint makes an unexpected asymmetrical burn. You know what happens next. Your joint opens up on the side and exposes your hard-earned flowers resulting in a waste of time and money. Today, we are going to learn different ways to get an even burn so you can prevent canoeing in the future. Let’s get started on your journey to the perfect burn. 

Properly Prep Your Roll

First, you will want to get a good foundation by properly preparing your roll. Using your fingernails or home-made tools will simply just not cut it for the perfect roll. A more effective method is using a high quality grinder to prep your roll as it will substantially enhance your smoking experience. Consumers who frequently use grinders (even plastic ones) say that their weed not only tastes better, their joints also have a more even burn due to the elimination of unnecessary air pockets. The next time you order your favorite flowers, make sure to get the right accessories to properly enhance your toke.

Roll It Right

Take your time when rolling your joint. You want to make sure you don’t roll too loose as that ends up creating more air pockets, reversing the efforts of your weed grinder. If you roll your joint too tight, you might not be able to smoke it at all. Purchasing high quality rolling paper will give you a better roll as well. You can also try inside-out smoking for a slower, tastier, and smoother burn. Finally, rolling your tip creates an overlap which will help you burn slower, ensuring an even smoke.

Slow Your Roll

Now, it is time to light up. Pinch your joint between your fingers, not your mouth, and slowly light your roll as you gently rotate it. This will help you set your sights on an evenly spread flame. Also, be sure to take your time when you are lighting your joint. You will want to light slowly with some space between the flame and the roll. This way, your joint doesn’t catch fire as that will only make it uneven and unappealing. 

Time to Smoke

So you’ve grinded your flowers, rolled the perfect joint, and lit up evenly. We are almost ready; we just have one final step. As you are lighting up your joint, wait for the cherry to glow before you breathe in. Once you see your red glow, that’s your signal to inhale. The timing is important in order to maintain that appealing and consistent burn you have been craving. Once you have taken your first breath of sweet air, you will appreciate the work of love you put into the ideal toke. When you roll it right once, you’ll never do it the wrong way again.


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