How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

The perfect smoke requires a good foundation by properly preparing your roll. The most effective method is using a high quality grinder to prep your roll as it will substantially enhance your smoking experience. Consumers who frequently use grinders (even more affordable plastic ones) say that there weed not only tastes better, there joints also have a more even burn due to the elimination of unnecessary air pockets. The next time you order your favorite flowers, make sure to get the right accessories to properly enhance your toke.

What to Do If You Don’t Have a Grinder?

Perhaps you left yours at home and you are on the go. Or perhaps you don’t have a grinder at all;  again, we strongly recommend you get one. Kushfly offers very affordable grinders and will deliver in under 45 minutes! However if you are not in the Los Angeles or SoCal area and you are looking for help, we’ve got you covered. Today we are going to explore the best ways to grind weed without a grinder. Some people may recommend using fingers, coins and pill bottles, or credit cards – however those are ineffective and frankly unsanitary. How do you make the best DIY herb grinder? Let’s find out!

Best Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders can make excellent homemade grinders for weed. First, you will need to clean out your coffee grinder, you won’t want to inhale your coffee beans. Be sure to use size appropriate buds for your grinder. If they’re too big or too small your buds won’t be grounded correctly.  Next, make sure you loosely pack in your buds. If it is an automatic grinder, be sure to play around with your settings to get the best outcome. Once you have your flowers evenly pressed, enjoy! When you are done, be sure to clean out your coffee grinder again thoroughly to avoid any traces in your coffee the next morning. 

Don’t have a coffee grinder? How about a pepper grinder? Again, you will want to make sure your tools are properly cleaned and your flowers are dried. Grind up your appropriate sized buds in your pepper grinder until satisfied. Waste not – make sure to get out all your weed and properly clean when completed.


Mortar and Pestle

Time to take out your favorite flavor infuser. A mortar and pestle is an easy, manual way to crush up your buds. First, make sure your flowers are well dried. Than, part your buds into smaller, crushable pieces and place them into your mortar (bowl). Next, use your pestle (wand) to rotate and grind your buds into the mortar. Examine your buds to make sure they are evenly pressed and you’re done! 

If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, a similar method can be utilized with a brown paper bag and a soft-faced hammer. Place your dried flowers at the bottom of the bag, evenly distribute, than close the top. Finally, lay down your hammer until desired grinding is complete. Make sure you are doing this on a hard surface. 

Blade and Board

If you don’t have a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, you might be looking for another kitchen utility. Whether it is a chef knife, pizza cutter, or any non-serrated blade, you’ll want to make sure you have these steps covered. Make sure your kush is dried out before you begin. This will make your cutting easier and you can concentrate more on properly chopping your nugs and of course avoiding your fingers. Since your nugs will be small, you’ll want to have a sharp utensil and a keen eye. Lastly, chop moderately so you don’t cut them too finely to ensure a good roll. Be sure to properly sanitize all of your tools afterwards. 


Depending on the size of your current kitchen grater, you might be able to use it for cannabis nug grinding purposes. First grab a plate and your grate. Than, while holding your grater firmly at it’s handle, meet your buds to the blade. Again, this is a sharp instrument so watch your fingers. You might need to try different angles before you get this one right. Keep going and you should achieve the result you’re looking for. Be sure to wash your tools thoroughly before and after use. 

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