How To Dab

How To Dab

What are Dabs?

As opposed to smoking herb or flower, dabbing includes smoking wax or oil. This substance is a concentrated type of the synthetic chemicals that are found inside cannabis flower. Extricating these synthetic compounds makes a more intense concentrate, and one that will produce results quicker than smoking flower.

Therapeutic Benefits

As various parts of the nation are slowly changing their laws to legalize marijuana, dabbing is getting more mainstream too. For many people looking to cure chronic pain, which results from overuse of a certain body part (rather than a sudden injury), dabbing is a common solution. The concentrated effects of the wax relieves pain faster than smoking, and more efficiently.

Step #1 – Heat Your Nail

After you’ve accumulated the necessary materials, the initial step of dabbing is warming the nail. Point the flame directly on the nail. After some time, you will most likely build up a preference for how long to warm the nail. At first, however, it’s best to stop heating the nail after it turns bright red.

Step #2 – Time To Light Up

When you think your nail is warmed enough, turn off your torch. Scoop your desired amount of concentrate onto the dabbing tool. It is recommended to let quartz nails chill off for around 30-45 seconds and titanium nails around 10-20 seconds. Place the concentrate onto the nail and breathe in!

Step #3 – Exhale and Relax

Now you can simply kick back and breathe out and let the dab do its job. In the event that you are new to dabbing we advise starting with smaller dabs and working your way up once you build a tolerance.


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