How To Create The Perfect Atmosphere For A First Time Weed Smoker

Every experienced weed smoker has to start with their first joint. The fist time someone smokes can be a make or break experience. If someone has a bad high, they can be turned off of weed for life. However, by creating a warm and inviting environment, you can turn any newbie into a cannabis enthusiast.  Read below to find out how to create the perfect atmosphere for a first time weed smoker!

Choose the right strain

Choosing the right flower is crucial in this exciting process! If you pick a strain that’s too high in THC, chances are the newbie is going to get too high, paranoid, nauseous, and it will be a horrible experience for them. It’s ideal to start with a strain low in THC, around 22-23%. You should also decide if you want to go with a hybrid, indica, or sativa strain. Some people do not react well to sativa strains, so just to be safe, we recommend a hybrid or an indica. Go with a flower that delivers euphoric, relaxing effects, such as GG#4 or Khalifa OG.


Have people around who you trust

One of the most important parts of this whole experience is to feel comfortable. Make sure the room is filled with close friends who you trust. You never know how the first time smoker is going to react when they get high and if they get paranoid, then having people who are there to calm them down is crucial. Don’t invite anybody who will laugh at them or freak them out more when they’re high. If that means you’ll only be a small group, that’s totally ok! Quality over quantity!


Create a calm atmosphere

Don’t smoke up in the middle of the city or somewhere with a lot of noise and distractions going on. It’s better to choose a spot where you can listen to music, lay down, and just chill. Maybe your living room would be the perfect spot!


Have snacks and water nearby

How hard did the munchies hit you your first time you smoked? Chances are, you ate every snack in your moms cabinet. Make sure to have some salty and sweet snacks nearby, as well as water. It’s important to stay hydrated when smoking.


This is an exciting step for any first time weed smoker! Make the most out of their experience and have fun!


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How To Create The Perfect Atmosphere For A First Time Weed Smoker

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