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How To Clean A Pipe

How To Clean A Pipe

When talking about cannabis, a pipe is a glass device used for smoking. It’s one of the oldest and most common ways of consuming cannabis. The only downside when it comes to pipes is that they often get filled with sticky resin and hard to get rid of residue. A pipe just doesn’t work as well as it should when it’s dirty, so let’s learn how to clean it!

How To Clean A Pipe

There are different methods to cleaning a pipe, but we’re going to start with the most common. This also works on cleaning a glass bowl.


  • A bottle of rubbing alcohol (90% isopropyl is more effective than a watered-down 71% solution)
  • Salt: Kosher, epsom or sea salt
  • A plastic sandwich bag
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
  • Cotton swabs and or q-tips

Step 1

There are probably some loose particles in your pipe, like tiny nugs, stems, or ash. You can get rid of these by running hot water through the pipe, or holding upside down and gently tapping it so anything loose can fall out. On the tough spots, grab a pipe cleaner or paperclip to gently scrape away anything lodged inside. Just be careful so you don’t break the pipe.


How To Clean A Pipe
Run the pipe under hot water to remove any loose particles.


Step 2

Grab the Ziploc bag and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure there is enough liquid so your glass pipe is totally covered. The rubbing alcohol will break down all the tar and resin so it’s easy to remove.


How To Clean A Pipe
By using rubbing alcohol, you’ll really be able to get rid of the resin and grime that’s clogging your pipe.



Step 3

Add a generous amount of salt to the liquid. This will serve as a mild abrasive tool and allow you to scrub off all the remaining particles. It doesn’t matter which type of salt you use.


How To Clean A Pipe
Salt will work as an abrasive and clean the pipe.


Step 4

Seal the bag and shake the pipe in it until all of the salt has been worked into the hard to reach places. Continue shaking for 90 seconds- two minutes. You’ll know it’s finished when the pipe looks clean.


Step 5

The liquid in the bag should now be brown and filled with all the residue from the pipe. Pour it out and once again fill it with alcohol, and shake again for 90 seconds- 2 mins. If your pipe is very dirty, you can leave it soaking in the bag overnight. When you’re finished, run the pipe under hot water.


Step 6

For an extra clean pipe, use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean up any leftover residue.



Cleaning A Pipe FAQ’s

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean a pipe? We recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean your pipe. It is relatively cheap at high concentrations, so you can do your own dilutions for specific needs

How can I clean my glass bong quickly? If you are looking to clean a glass bong as opposed to a glass pipe, check out our article on How To Clean Your Bong.

Can I clean my pipe without alcohol? Yes, you can also boil water and place your glass bong in simmering water. Allow it to soak for about 30 mins and then remove it. *The pipe will be HOT so make sure you use gloves or tongs to remove it!



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