How To Choose The Best Cannabis For You

How To Choose The Best Cannabis For You

There are at least 779 different strains of cannabis in the marijuana industry. Each strain offers a different type of ‘high’ based  on the chemical compounds present. So, how can you choose the best cannabis for you?

We know how hard it can be to navigate your way through all the various options to choose the flower that is best for you. By doing some research ahead of time, you will be able to quickly narrow down your search and find the most suitable strain.

Different Types of Marijuana Strains

When it comes to choosing the best cannabis strain for your desired high, the first thing you should think about is which strain best suits your needs. Each contains different amounts of THC and CBD, resulting in different effects.

There are three major types of marijuana strains: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Each type of strain produces a different high and works best for the alleviation of different symptoms.

Indica: Best Option For Relaxation, Nighttime Use

Sativa: Best Option For An Uplifting, Energizing High. Daytime Use

Hybrid: Best Option For  Euphoric Effects. Has Both Sativa & Indica Effects Blended. Use At Anytime Of Day. 


Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Marijuana Strains

If you’re not sure of the goals for your high, there are some key questions you can ask yourself.

  • How much experience have you had with marijuana? Are you a new cannabis user or have you been smoking for a while? If you are a new user, it is better to go with a strain with a low THC content, or perhaps a THC:CBD ratio. On the contrary, if you’re experienced, you can look for strains with a high THC content. The amount of THC in a strain will effect how high you get.


  • Do you have any food allergies or health concerns? Some edibles contain ingredients that many people have issues with, such as dairy or gluten. Make sure to always read the ingredients listed on our website and on the product packaging.


  • How do you plan to use the weed? If you’re planning to bring your cannabis along to a concert, you would choose a much different strain than if you were looking for one to smoke before bed.

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You can always ask your budtender or customer service rep for advice as well. They are trained in helping you find the best weed for your particular needs! We hope this article helped you, and hope to see you soon!

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